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Study to explore rural communities and inequality in the US

The research will provide the most comprehensive analysis of the role state and local government policies play on the economic growth and well-being of rural communities.

Panel: Pandemic and protests laid economic injustices bare

Four faculty members and a Washington Post reporter discussed the ways racism shapes economic policies, and how economic policies shape inequality in America – historically and today.

Grants advance social sciences research, collaboration

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences has awarded spring grants supporting research and conferences involving more than 30 faculty and researchers across campus, including collaborations within new and expanded superdepartments.

Confusion about vaccine guidelines could prolong pandemic

Many Americans remain confused about when COVID-19 vaccines provide strong protection and the need for continued public health precautions, according to new Cornell research.

Panelists discuss ways to address harassment

The discussion followed the screening of the award-winning documentary, “Picture a Scientist,” about three women scientists who confronted harassment and made science more equitable.

Water crisis took toll on Flint adults’ physical, mental health

The Michigan city’s adult residents suffered a range of adverse health symptoms potentially linked to the water crisis that began in 2014, with Black residents affected disproportionately, according to new research.

Fear year: Pandemic politics made us anxious, but hardly safer

Pandemic politics fostered existential anxiety globally that has exacted a material and mental toll while dodging difficult moral dilemmas, according to Cornell research.

Sweet rewards valued more, may contribute to obesity

In a study published April 14 in PLOS One, an international research team including Michèle Belot, professor in the Department of Economics, found that children valued sweet food more after receiving it as a reward.

Business Impact Symposium examines industry sustainability

The annual business symposium examines climate change resilience, community revitalization, social justice and reducing the clothing industry’s large carbon footprint.