Lack of local benefits fuels upstate opposition to solar farms

While upstate New Yorkers are evenly split on utility-scale solar farms, naysayers object partly due to a perception that rural residents unfairly bear the burden of meeting downstate urban energy demands without compensation, a survey has found.

Cornell Center for Social Sciences names spring grantees

New grants from the Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS) will fund research ranging from exploring why people spread polarizing content online to assessing health care access in rural New York.

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Cornell economist co-edits PNAS issue focused on value of clean water

A new special issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, co-edited by Cornell economist Catherine Kling, advances the science of measuring the public benefit of clean water.

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Integrating STEM majors won’t end gender segregation at work

Increasing women’s representation in science, technology, engineering and math majors will reduce – but not nearly eliminate – gender disparities in STEM occupations, new Cornell sociology research finds.

Arts and Sciences faculty featured on Academic Minute

Five faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences will be featured on a “Cornell week” on The Academic Minute radio program from May 1-5.

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Racial equity messaging must be more inclusive

In a review of more than three decades’ worth of studies a Cornell-led research group found that more research on messaging that includes the voices of historically marginalized people is necessary in the push toward equity.

Circumstances influence happiness as much as personality

Happiness can’t be bought, but nor does it depend mostly on one’s mindset, as many happiness surveys would suggest, according to a recent study by Cornell psychology researchers.

Warmup time corrects creativity power imbalance

Employees who are not in positions of power can become more creative when given time to “warm up” to a task by engaging in the creative task more than once.

Sociology research centerpiece of comedic video

Professor Cristobal Young, on-screen, explains how he came to the conclusion that millionaire tax flight is 99% myth. He also shreds on guitar.

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