New 3D body-mapping tech helps consumers, the environment

The technology, developed in the Department of Human Centered Design, aims to improve the fit and design of clothing and increase the sustainability of online shopping.

Why language is like charades – and could save us from AI

Language emerges from a continual flow of creative improvisation, not biologically evolved genes or instincts, Morten H. Christiansen and a co-author argue in a new book, “The Language Game.”

Fact checks effectively counter COVID misinformation

Journalistic fact checks are a more effective counter to COVID-19 misinformation than the false news tags commonly used by social media outlets, according to new Cornell research.

Student podcast explores changing face of archaeology

A group of graduate students from Cornell is collaborating with students across the country to create a scholarly podcast focused on issues of diversity in archaeology.

Around Cornell

Book explores free will and determinism

Cambridge University Press called upon Derk Pereboom to write a definitive overview of research on the free will debate for its Philosophy of Mind Elements series, which provides succinct overviews of key topics.

Center offers tools for culturally responsive research, practice

The Cornell Center for Cultural Humility facilitates culturally responsive research, practice and policy that is inclusive across race, ethnicity, class and other markers of identity.

Nearly a third of TV ads play to empty rooms

Jura Liaukonyte, associate professor at Dyson, and colleagues tracked ad viewership using tools that, instead of just monitoring the television, measured actual viewer presence in the room, and focal attention on the screen.

Sense of ‘professionalism’ linked to unethical behavior

Employees or managers who view themselves as professional are more vulnerable to unethical behavior such as conflicts of interest, a new Cornell study finds.

Two Cornellians will compete in ‘Jeopardy!’ Feb. 8

Andrés Quijano ’22 will compete at 7:30 p.m. on “Jeopardy!” and Catherine Zhang ’22 will compete at 8 p.m. on the “Jeopardy!” National College Championship, on ABC and Hulu.