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Research on social influence can be applied to vaccination choice

ILR School Associate Professor Vanessa Bohns’s research includes examining the extent to which people recognize the influence they have over others in interpersonal interactions. In a recent interview, Bohns discussed how sharing information about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine can impact other people’s choices.

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Appearance, social norms keep students off Zoom cameras

Establishing camera use as the norm, explaining the reasons that cameras improve the class and employing active learning techniques could help improve students’ use of cameras during online classes, a new Cornell study suggests.

ILR study tests why internal hires outperform external hires

High-performing internal hires are likely to stay with the organization while high-performing external hires leave more often, according to research by ILR Assistant Professor Ben A. Rissing and Alan Benson ’07.

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New curriculum requirements bring host of new courses to A&S

Changes make the curriculum easier for students to navigate, simplify the graduation requirements and expand student opportunities for interdisciplinary work and faculty opportunities for innovative teaching.

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Office of the Dean of Students announces three new leaders

The Office of the Dean of Students has announced three new staff members, two joining the Diversity and Inclusion team and one joining the Care and Crisis Services team, to better support Cornell students.

Migrations initiative wins $5M Mellon grant for racial justice

The grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Just Futures Initiative will bring together scholars from across the university and beyond to study the links between racism, dispossession and migration.

Three projects receive Belonging at Cornell innovation grants

As part of its mission to make Cornell a more diverse and inclusive environment for faculty, staff and students, the Presidential Advisors on Diversity and Equity have awarded three grants of $15,000 apiece for 2021 programming.

Study: Americans skeptical of COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Mobile contact-tracing technology has emerged as one way to contain COVID-19, but contact tracing apps, which require a critical mass of adopters to be effective, face serious obstacles in the U.S., Cornell researchers have found.

Center’s grants seed diverse research in the social sciences

Grants awarded recently by the Cornell Center for Social Sciences seeded research projects on topics ranging from COVID-19 and policing to clean energy and product design, led by scholars from across the university.