Girls raised by Jewish parents more likely to graduate college

A new sociology study has found that girls raised by Jewish parents are 23% more likely to graduate college than girls with a non-Jewish upbringing, even after accounting for their parents’ socioeconomic status. 

Amid the Big Quit, here’s how to retain talent: ILR professor

Identifying top performers who are dropping hints they’re headed for new jobs is the first step in retaining valuable workers, Assistant Professor JR Keller and colleagues write. 

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AreaHub website shows local environmental dangers

A new database allows users to search any U.S. ZIP code address to learn about extreme weather concerns like hurricane or wildfire exposure, and to find nearby problematic environmental sites.

International OK shapes public perceptions of drone warfare

Armed drone strikes earn more public support and legitimacy when they have approval from international organizations, according to a survey conducted by Cornell researchers.

Leading economist to give lecture on big data, inequality

Harvard professor Raj Chetty will discuss his research on improving equality of opportunity in America at the annual Distinguished Lecture in the Social Sciences, April 18 in Statler Auditorium.

After ‘mama,’ children’s first words include ‘this’ and ‘that’

Children’s strong drive to share attention has similar effects on language learning across cultures, finds the largest study of early vocabulary development in an Indigenous language.

Underground Railroad project releases new 3-D model

The 3-D tour focuses on the building, its foundation, the archaeological excavation underway and a Civil War monument on the church site.

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Grants aim to unite networks to increase impact

Three teams have been awarded Public Issue Network Grants, providing up to $30,000 in funding for each project over three years. The grants support faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners as they weave broader, more effective networks of potential collaborators, coordinate resources and increase the impact of their work on a particular social issue.

Doctoral student’s work featured in Oxford Handbook chapter

The chapter, "AI and International Politics," is a broad look at the opportunities and risks that the proliferation of AI technology holds for international politics.

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