Is it time to return to the office?

Senior Lecturer Nick Fabrizio, from the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, shares his insights on the future of work.

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Supply chain management meets modern analytics in Cornell certificate program

Cornell's Supply Chain Analytics certificate program equips specialists from various sectors with strategies to master key elements of supply chain management. 

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Scanner data can help NYS farmers boost market sales

Cornell researchers partnered with 10 New York state livestock farmers using devices that record sales and process credit card payments and analyzed market transactions to better understand customer behavior and help farmers increase their profits at farmers markets.

Tapping the latest tech in marketing for fashion brands

The newest episode of a podcast hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell features Matt Nastos ’10, CEO of Maison MRKT.

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USDA deputy secretary meets students, researchers at AgriTech

USDA Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small visited Cornell AgriTech Friday, Dec. 8 as one of her visits to land-grant institutions focusing on specialty crops, ag tech innovation and local foods.

Nonalcoholic drinks with complex flavors top NYE trends

Cornell food and beverage experts offer up on-trend, nonalcoholic cocktail recipes and tips for the holiday season.

3 ways sustainable businesses can prepare for climate challenges

Cornell sustainability and ecological transformation experts identified three strategies businesses can implement to thrive – and protect the planet – in a changing climate.

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Meat alternatives could feed humans more sustainably

Lab-grown meat, food created by microorganisms and plant-based foods that mimic the taste of meat could help reduce environmental impacts of food systems, a new UN report co-authored by Cornell researchers finds.

MBA students coach Dyson undergrads consulting for business clients

Students in this year's Grand Challenges Project helped businesses that decrease hunger and food waste, including dreaming up product ideas for a company that makes snacks out of edible insects.