The cost of silence: Financial stress mutes couples’ communication

By acknowledging the impact of financial stress on willingness to communicate and exploring strategies to overcome barriers, couples can strengthen their bond and work together toward financial well-being.

Beyond winning and losing: Reframing negotiation as a collaborative journey

In a Cornell Keynote, Tarcisio Alvarez-Rivero, a lecturer at Cornell’s Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, shares strategies for successful negotiations.

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Small stock trades can predict big market changes

Using a metric they developed, researchers have found that fractional trading is predictive of future market liquidity and volatility, suggesting an information content to tiny trades.

Startup aiming to reduce plastic reliance joins Cornell incubator

RETRN Bio, a startup aspiring to use ag waste to replace petroleum-based plastic liners in consumer products, has joined Cornell’s Center for Life Science Ventures incubator.

Properly fitting face masks can help block particulate pollution

The new research provides findings about the value of masks that fit snugly around the face in everyday use and how human behavior affects their efficacy.

Ivan Rudik appointed chief environmental economist

Rudik will work in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where he will lead work to connect economic analyses with environmental decision-making.

Dairy innovation program nurtures the cream of the crop

Sammi and John Collins are participants in the second cohort of Cornell’s Dairy Runway Program, which offers free entrepreneurship training for early stage innovators aiming to launch new dairy products.

2024 Kessler Fellows embark on summer internships

The 2024 Kessler Fellows have accepted internships and will spend the summer gaining firsthand entrepreneurial experience in industries ranging from supersonic airliners to a sustainable interior design company. This year's fellows had an interest in international startups, with some heading to Shanghai, Kent, Edinburgh and Wales to pursue their summer internships.

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Cornell Keynotes podcast: Current trends in generative AI tech

Karan Girotra, a professor at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Cornell Tech, explains the current capabilities of AI and shares newsworthy updates about the technology on the Cornell Keynotes podcast.

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