Cornell inventors celebrated at cross-campus event

Cornell inventors are turning visionary ideas into tangible solutions to global challenges. Cornell’s Center for Technology Licensing celebrated their achievements at its inaugural Bearers of Innovation event.

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Aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired at NYC event

Panelists at the “How to Leap into Entrepreneurship” event talked the importance of networking, using their Cornell connections and experiences and developing an ability to handle failure.

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Cornell transforms generative AI education (with help from a cloned professor)

Designing and Building AI Solutions is a new online certificate program, with one-of-a-kind features designed to enhance the learning experience for those that desire to build their own AI products—no coding required.

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Andrea Ippolito wants to demystify baby feeding and more for new parents

The newest episode of a podcast hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell, Startup Cornell, features Andrea Ippolito ’06 MEng ‘07, CEO and founder of SimpliFed. SimpliFed has launched and scaled a maternal health operating system,…

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Risa Mish honored with the 2024 Earl Hill Jr. Faculty Achievement and Diversity Leadership Award

Risa Mish, professor of practice at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, was honored by The Consortium for contributions in diversity leadership.

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Student launches online marketplace for ski and snowboard gear

Dylan Seale ’25 debuts a new online ecosystem for independent entrepreneurs in the winter sportswear and gear industry.

The cost of silence: Financial stress mutes couples’ communication

By acknowledging the impact of financial stress on willingness to communicate and exploring strategies to overcome barriers, couples can strengthen their bond and work together toward financial well-being.

Beyond winning and losing: Reframing negotiation as a collaborative journey

In a Cornell Keynote, Tarcisio Alvarez-Rivero, a lecturer at Cornell’s Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, shares strategies for successful negotiations.

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Small stock trades can predict big market changes

Using a metric they developed, researchers have found that fractional trading is predictive of future market liquidity and volatility, suggesting an information content to tiny trades.