Honey-based beverage grabs grand prize at food hackathon

Students were tasked with addressing one of four challenges: creating new dairy products, coming up with more efficient food manufacturing processes, lessening the problem of food waste or creating products to increase knowledge and the use of honey and other bee-pollinated products.

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Better tech needed to increase soil organic carbon and crop yields

A new paper shows that promised yield increases at a global scale from increasing organic carbon in soils would be negligible with current technologies and optimal management practices. 

Microplastics’ shape determines how far they travel in the atmosphere

A Cornell collaboration developed a model to simulate the atmospheric transport of microplastic fibers and found that their shape plays a crucial role in how far they travel.

Underwater robot updates understanding of ice shelf crevasses

Crevasses play an important role in circulating seawater beneath Antarctic ice shelves, potentially influencing their stability, finds Cornell-led research based on first-of-its-kind exploration by an underwater robot.

Adding crushed rock to farmland pulls carbon out of the air

Adding crushed volcanic rock to cropland could play a key role in removing carbon from the air. In a field study, scientists at the University of California, Davis, and Cornell University found the technology stored carbon in the soil even during an extreme drought in California.

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Cornell expands wildfire smoke sensor network for New York

When wildfires draped smoke over New York this summer, nearly half of its counties lacked data on air quality. Cornell has led an effort to install sensors in places where there were none.

Humanists have the power and the tools to fight climate change

Humanities scholars have an important role to play in the current political struggle to stave off environmental collapse, according to a new book, “The Activist Humanist: Form and Method in the Climate Crisis,” by professor Caroline Levine.

Grow-NY Summit to spotlight transformative technology

The fifth annual Grow-NY Summit will convene food and ag startups and industry players Nov. 14-15 at the Holiday Inn Binghamton Downtown, spotlighting the innovative technologies being developed locally and their impact that spans beyond the region.

Students hope to help NYS wine industry reuse bottles

Students are working with New York winemakers on a solution to a significant sustainability problem facing the wine industry: how to reuse the bottles.