Spongy material captures carbon dioxide in cavities

Researchers developed porous, sponge-like materials that can trap carbon dioxide – a potentially low-cost approach for limiting the environmental damage of coal-fired power plants.

June launch for NASA-Cornell tool to view dust from space

Scientists soon will see Earth’s atmospheric dust in high-resolution, thanks to new spectrometer expected to launch June 7 aboard a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station.

Inaugural Cornell RANA Prize winner tackles energy issues in Indonesia

Doctoral student Timothy Ravis earned the first RANA Prize winner at Cornell for research focused on uncovering the social, political, and economic impediments to a green energy transition in Indonesia.

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Harrison College Scholars tackle interdisciplinary research projects

This year’s graduating class of Robert S. Harrison College Scholars presented their final theses during a daylong event May 7 in Goldwin Smith Hall.

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National Zoning Atlas launched to make America's patchwork of codes accessible and comprehensible

Professor of City and Regional Planning Sara Bronin's zoning atlas initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort to translate and standardize zoning codes across the U.S. into a single, accessible online resource.

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Pump heralds a fossil fuel-free future at child care center

So long, natural gas heat: Let the Earth warm little fingers and toes. Building a new, environmentally friendly heating and cooling system at the Cornell Child Care Center will start in late summer.

The 2030 Project to marshal faculty to solve climate crisis

Declaring this the “decisive decade” for climate action, Cornell launched The 2030 Project: A Climate Initiative, which will mobilize world-class faculty to develop and accelerate tangible solutions to the climate challenge.

3D-printing robot enables sustainable construction

The Bovay Civil Infrastructure Laboratory Complex has a new tenant: a roughly 6,000-pound industrial robot capable of 3D printing large-scale structures that could make construction more sustainable.

Veterinarian ecologist to bolster pandemic prevention efforts

Scholar who studies cross-species pathogen spillover to join the College of Veterinary Medicine and become a Cornell Atkinson Scholar.   

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