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Gut check: Teff grain boosts stomach microbiome health

Cornell food scientists confirm that the grain teff helps the stomach and enhances the nutritional value of iron and zinc, according to a new modeling method.

When developers seem fair, new tech looks less risky

When evaluating the risks of new technology, people consider whether developers behave fairly, new Cornell research has found.

Engineer to model sunshine deflection for cooling planet

Thanks to $1 million in new grants, Cornell scientists will model adding reflective aerosols into the stratosphere, which may deflect enough sunbeams to reduce Earth’s temperature and limit climate change.

$2M grant supports more sustainable path for organic farmers

Organic crop farmers in the Northeast and Upper Midwest are facing an increasing number of challenges related to climate change and invasive pests, but a $2 million grant from the USDA will help them find sustainable solutions.

Climatologist Warren Knapp, acid rain expert, dies at 82

Warren Knapp, 82, professor emeritus of meteorology and climate in the Earth and atmospheric sciences, and the second director of Cornell’s Northeast Regional Climate Center, died Oct. 3 in Ithaca.

Policy, not tech, spurred Danish dominance in wind energy

An analysis of Denmark’s wind industry offers lessons for policymakers seeking to increase renewable electricity production with limited budgets, according to Cynthia Lin Lawell.

Cornell Atkinson: a decade of collaborative sustainability

The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability is celebrating its 10th anniversary by focusing with renewed urgency on more powerful ways to translate knowledge into action.

Psychological ownership improves care of public parks, lakes

Marketing strategies that boost feelings of psychological ownership can increase people's willingness to clean up trash, donate money and volunteer at public parks, according to research co-authored by Suzanne Shu, professor of marketing.

Authors break down history of ‘envirotech’ in new book

A new research field – “environmental technology, or envirotech” – is emerging during an age when food systems span the globe, waste pollutes the natural world and natural disasters seem to have higher impacts on communities.