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Discounted reusables program launches for Earth Day 2021

Now through Earth Day 2021 campus diners can purchase a reusable takeout container and utensil set for just $5 at one of eight Cornell Dining locations.

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AAP team develops sustainable building simulation method

A team from the College of Architecture, Art and Planning has put forth a new sustainability framework for injecting as much information as possible into the pre-design and early design phases of a project.

NSF challenges Cornell to tame winter, natural disasters

In partnership with New York community groups, Cornell researchers are developing a hyperlocal weather forecasting system designed to help emergency response.  

Wildlife regulation, ‘one health’ keys to avert more pandemics

Future pandemics can be averted if the world’s governments eliminate unnecessary wildlife trade and adopt holistic approaches, according to experts at a Feb. 23 virtual conference.

Bearded seals are loud – but not loud enough

A study conducted by the Lab of Ornithology’s Center for Conservation Bioacoustics found that when ambient underwater noise gets too loud, the bearded seals are no longer able to compensate in order to be heard.

Environmental policies not always bad for business, study finds

A Cornell doctoral student’s analysis of Chinese policies found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, market-based or incentive-based policies may actually benefit regulated firms in the traditional and “green” energy sectors.

Researchers create ‘beautiful marriage’ of quantum enemies

Cornell scientists from the College of Engineering have identified nitrides as new contenders when it comes to quantum materials for computing and low-temperature electronics.

Jenny Goldstein named faculty fellow at Cornell Center for Social Sciences

Jenny Goldstein, an assistant professor of global development in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has been named a 2021-22 faculty fellow in the Cornell Center for Social Sciences to develop an ambitious research project focused on environmental rehabilitation in Indonesia.

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How human behavior is reshaping the world

As an environmental sociologist and professor of global development, Jack Zinda is analyzing global challenges surrounding relationships between human groups and environments from rural communities in China to metropolitan areas straddling the Hudson River in New York State. 

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