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Revealing climate change inequities, redress, and environmental justice

CRP Assistant Professor Linda Shi discusses her timely research on populations vulnerable to climate change injustices and the planning discipline's critical contributions to the global discussion on adaptation and the future of cities. 

Around Cornell

Study digs up roles bacteria play in global carbon cycle

Cornell researchers have developed an innovative technique to track microbes and understand the various ways they process soil carbon, findings that add to our knowledge of how bacteria contribute to the global carbon cycle.

Twenty years: Cornellians at the forefront of climate action

Students are at the heart of Cornell’s sustainability story, and they were the spark behind the university’s first formal climate commitment in 2001.

Around Cornell

Cornell-led Grow-NY contest boosts NYS food, ag startups

The Chicago-based startup Every Body Eat, which produces food free of the 14 most common allergens, took home $1 million in the third annual Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition,led by Cornell.

Summer internships aim to increase diversity in geosciences

The Cornell Geopaths Geoscience Learning Ecosystem will help students explore opportunities for geoscience graduate study, giving them exposure to socially relevant careers in atmospheric and geological sciences.

Around Cornell

In the virtual front row, Cornell students saw COP26 unfold

During the COP26 climate change conference, 45 Cornell undergraduate and graduate students plugged in from Ithaca to hear international negotiations first-hand and environmental history.

Bacteria could extract elements for modern tech sustainably

An engineered bacteria may solve challenges of extracting rare earth elements from ore, which are vital for modern life but refining them is costly, environmentally harmful and mostly occurs abroad.

Trading coal cars for e-bikes, rail trail promotes sustainability

With support from Cornell, the Dryden Rail Trail is a step closer to connecting Ithaca and several nearby communities with a corridor that enables off-street commuting and expands access to natural areas.

Hochul names Cornellians to NYS climate assessment project

Several Cornellians – appointed by Gov. Kathy Hochul – will explore how the warming environment will affect New York’s communities, ecosystems and economy in the new Climate Impacts Assessment project.