Cornell partners in $12.5M grant examining aging between males and females

Cornell is co-leading a five-year, $12.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to form the IISAGE Biology Integration Institute aimed at identifying mechanisms and evolution of sex differences between females and males in aging.

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New technique boosts online medical search results

A Cornell-led group of researchers has developed an online search method that employs natural language processing to identify terms that are semantically similar to those for cancer screening tests, but in colloquial language.

Researchers identify the target of immune attacks on liver cells

A new study from Weill Cornell Medicine researchers helps to explain the dynamics underlying liver damage that can accompany type 2 diabetes and obesity. 

Vaccination exposes latent HIV in lab studies

Vaccination with a SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine revealed HIV hiding in immune cells in blood from people with HIV, according to lab research led by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

Brooks School Dean Colleen Barry joins the Sandy Hook Promise Board of Directors

Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy Dean Colleen L. Barry has joined the board of Sandy Hook Promise. The organization is working for a future where children are free from shootings and acts of violence in their schools, homes, and communities.

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Efficacy, cash and more will increase booster shot acceptance

According to new Cornell research, people are more likely to accept the COVID-19 booster the more effective it is, if there are cash incentives and if it is made by Moderna or Pfizer. 

Microscopy reveals mechanism behind new CRISPR tool

New research from Cornell offers insights into a line of CRISPR systems, which could lead to promising antiviral and tissue engineering tools in animals and plants.

4-H bestows Gov. Hochul with Distinguished Alumni Medallion

National 4-H Council awarded New York Gov. Kathy Hochul its Distinguished Alumni Medallion. Cornell Cooperative Extension runs the venerable youth program throughout the state.

Six assistant professors win NSF early-career awards

Researchers studying carbon removal and storage methods and novel additive manufacturing techniques are among the six Cornell faculty members who recently received National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Awards.

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