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Radio interview highlights local "Reimagining Public Safety" initiative

Deanna Carrithers, Chief Equity and Diversity Officer for Tompkins County, updates progress on the County and City of Ithaca's joint "Reimagining Public Safety" initiative.    

Around Cornell

New engaged course supports NYS rural schools

A new Cornell engaged learning course, co-sponsored by the Rural Schools Association of New York State, aims to help under-resourced schools identify critical funding needs, then seek grant funds to support programming.

More than 10% of older adults at risk of elder abuse

A study involving researchers from the College of Human Ecology and Weill Cornell Medicine estimates the incidence of elder mistreatment in New York state and advances understanding of key risk factors.

Narrative approach can change minds on child care spending

When it comes to increasing public support for policies and programs related to early childhood education, the target audience should determine the type of message used, according to Jeff Niederdeppe, professor of communication in CALS.

Boots in the books: Veterans succeed at academic prep camp

Sixteen student veterans participated in a virtual Cornell academic boot camp to help them transition into higher education.

Touted as clean, ‘blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas or coal

‘Blue hydrogen – made by using methane in natural gas – is lauded a clean, Cornell and Stanford researchers believe it may harm the climate more than burning fossil fuel.

Politicians in areas with most climate risk tweet about it least

Almost all U.S. politicians tweet about climate change based on party affiliation and the opinion of their constituents, not actual climate risk to the areas they represent, a new multidisciplinary study found.

AI researchers trust international, scientific organizations most

Researchers trust international and scientific groups the most, and militaries, Chinese tech companies and Facebook the least, to shape the development and use of AI in the public interest.

Vive la différence: When lemons masquerade as plums

Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, associate professor at Dyson, and collaborators have found that a law regulating wine production in 1930s France, known as the AOC, resulted in a 7% net increase in industry welfare, and set the standard for quality control.