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Yeast epigenome map reveals details of gene regulation

A new Penn State and Cornell study describes an effort to produce the most comprehensive and high-resolution map yet of chromosome architecture and gene regulation in yeast.

Baird honored among Distinguished Women in Chemistry, 2021

Barbara Baird, the Horace White Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been honored as one of the 2021 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering by the International…

Around Cornell

Food supply chain app wins digital ag hackathon

An app that would maximize profit and minimize food spoilage and loss across the agriculture supply chain was named the grand prize winner in the third annual Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture Hackathon.

Gene discovery may help peaches tolerate climate stress

A team led by a Boyce Thompson Institute researcher has identified genes enabling peaches and their wild relatives to tolerate stressful conditions – findings that could help the domesticated peach adapt to climate change.

Atkinsons’ $30M gift to name multidisciplinary building

A $30 million commitment from David R. Atkinson ’60 and Patricia Atkinson will name a new multidisciplinary building on campus, intended to foster innovative and collaborative research in key university priority areas.


Three life scientists awarded 2021 Schwartz funds

Tory Hendry, Tashara Leak and Atieh Moridi are winners of the 2021 awards, which help recipients acquire preliminary data and launch innovative research directions.

Course curriculum initiative develops data science and programming skills within Human Ecology

Working to address a knowledge gap, the College of Human Ecology launched the Data Science and Programming Curriculum Initiative to teach students how to use data and technology in their respective disciplines. 

Around Cornell

New HS scholarship aims to diversify veterinary medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine has created a brand-new scholarship to encourage under-represented high school students to explore veterinary medicine by attending the Cornell University Summer College course, Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Practice.

Male lyrebirds snare mates with ‘acoustic illusion’

Researchers discover that Australia’s superb lyrebird males imitate the panicked alarm calls of a mixed-species flock of birds while they are courting and even while mating with a female.