Honey-based beverage grabs grand prize at food hackathon

Students were tasked with addressing one of four challenges: creating new dairy products, coming up with more efficient food manufacturing processes, lessening the problem of food waste or creating products to increase knowledge and the use of honey and other bee-pollinated products.

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Better tech needed to increase soil organic carbon and crop yields

A new paper shows that promised yield increases at a global scale from increasing organic carbon in soils would be negligible with current technologies and optimal management practices. 

ADW Professors-at-Large Program announces 2023-24 call for nominations

Cornell faculty members have until Monday, Nov. 27, to submit nominations of distinguished scholars in the areas of arts, life sciences, and social sciences for the A.D. White Professors-at-Large Program.

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Adding crushed rock to farmland pulls carbon out of the air

Adding crushed volcanic rock to cropland could play a key role in removing carbon from the air. In a field study, scientists at the University of California, Davis, and Cornell University found the technology stored carbon in the soil even during an extreme drought in California.

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As Pew investigator, Goldberg to study how animals feed young

The collaboration aims for a breakthrough in understanding the neural mechanisms by which parental animals balance their own needs with the needs of their offspring.

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$4.2M grant funds Cornell AES work to better lives in NYS

Cornell AES administers annual federal funding that supports research to improve lives and livelihoods in New York state.

Role of hippocampus in two functions of memory revealed

A study in rats teases apart the role of the hippocampus in two functions of memory – one that remembers associations between time, place and what one did, and another that allows one to predict or plan future actions based on past experiences.

Add new types of data for the 37th season of Project FeederWatch

For the 37th season of Project FeederWatch you can report more than birds. For the first time, data about mammals seen, sick birds, and your thoughts about supplemental feeding can also be entered.

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Students from all majors invited to mathematical modeling contest

The annual competition, slated for Nov. 10-13, allows students to work on open-ended real world problems, showcasing the multifaceted nature of applied mathematics. 

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