“Startup Cornell” podcast features co-founder of Centivax

Our 11th episode features Stephanie Wisner ’16, co-founder of Centivax, a therapeutics company that’s creating universal vaccines to reduce and eradicate the remaining complex pathogens of the 21st century.

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Analysis of huntsman spiders reveals patterns of social behavior

A new study of huntsman spiders links evolutionary lineages with life history traits, providing patterns for predicting social behaviors in other less-studied species. 

Summer Session 2022 offers unique learning opportunities

Summer Session, running May 31 through August 2, 2022, is open to Cornell and visiting undergraduate and graduate students, high school students and any interested adult. Undergraduates can earn up to 15 credits in on-campus, online, and off-campus courses before the fall semester.

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Nostril swab best way to test for COVID-19, study finds

Nasopharyngeal swabs – taken from far back inside the nostril – were found to be more effective at detecting COVID-19 than saliva tests or swabs just inside the nostril or under the tongue.

College of Veterinary Medicine celebrates graduating students

Graduating students with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine celebrated with family, friends, faculty and staff at commencement week events.

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Futile veterinary care is widespread, study finds

More than 99% of 474 veterinarians surveyed said they’d encountered useless or nonbeneficial veterinary care in their careers, according to a new Cornell-led study that documents the prevalence of futile care for the first time.

Higher dengue rates found near public transit in low-income areas

In Medellin, Colombia, low-income residents who lived in close proximity to new public transit stations had increased rates of mosquito-transmitted dengue fever, according to a new study.

Discovery offers starting point for better gene-editing tools

In new research, Cornell scientists define with atomic precision how a transposon-derived system edits DNA in RNA-guided fashion. 

Mong fellowship advances neuroimaging collaboration

The discovery made by two doctoral students could have future implications for human health, setting a path for research into understanding brain function.