Cornell Cinema offers tasty, mind-stretching Science on Screen showings

Science on Screen® supports creative pairings of current, classic, cult, and documentary films with introductions by figures from the world of science, technology and medicine. 

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Activist explores George Washington Carver's work

CROPPS seminar will delve into the practical implications of George Washington Carver's work, exploring how his insights can inform and inspire contemporary sustainability initiatives.

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Suffrage Science Award given to neuroscientist Azahara Oliva

The award aims to “create a self-perpetuating cohort of talent that can encourage others to enter science and reach senior leadership roles.”

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Cornell scientists identify bird flu infecting dairy cows

Cornell virology experts are sequencing the bird flu virus that struck cows in the Texas panhandle last week, after work at Cornell and two other veterinary diagnostic laboratories found the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in cattle samples, a first for this species.

Vertebrate 3D scan project opens collections to all

A venture to digitize vertebrate museum collections and make them freely available online for anyone to access has created 3D CT scans of some 13,000 specimens.

Lyrebird synchronizes elements of its mating dance

To woo a mate, the Albert’s lyrebird of Australia shakes entangled vines as part of his courtship footwork, synchronizing each shake with the beat of his striking song, according to new research.

‘A completely different game’: Faculty, students harness AI in the classroom

Faculty members are finding creative ways to deal with generative AI in their courses. Winners of Cornell’s 2024 Teaching Innovation Awards will discuss their approaches on April 11.

Nabokov celebrated for crossing arts/science boundaries

Campus and community members celebrated the environmental and literary legacies of former Cornell professor Vladimir Nabokov during events on campus March 14 and 15.

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Mind Prize awarded to neuroscientist Antonio Fernandez-Ruiz

The prize aims to “change the paradigm of neuroscience research by creating a community of next-frontier thinkers who can uncover a deeper understanding of the brain and cognition.”

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