Five early-career faculty win Sloan Research Fellowships

Assistant professors Eshan Chattopadhyay, Debanjan Chowdhury, Andrew Musser, Angeline Pendergrass and Andrej Singer have won 2023 Sloan Research Fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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Food coloring, anti-caking nanoparticles may affect human gut

Metal oxide nanoparticles – commonly used as food coloring and anti-caking agents in commercial ingredients – may damage parts of the human intestine, say Cornell and Binghamton University scientists.

Study identifies human microRNAs linked to Type 2 diabetes

MicroRNA (miRNA) molecules in pancreatic islets have been thought to play important roles in Type 2 diabetes, but until now scientists have not confidently identified which miRNAs are associated with the disease in humans.

Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse

An interdisciplinary collaboration used tree ring and isotope records to pinpoint a likely culprit for the collapse of the Hittite Empire: three straight years of severe drought in an already dry period.

Sprout Awards grow ‘exciting’ pilot projects in engineering

From new approaches for tendon injury treatment to biomass-based construction materials, Cornell Engineering’s inaugural Sprout Awards are funding unique research projects with the potential to grow partnerships across Cornell.

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NY Lt. Gov. tour highlights sustainability, equity

New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado engaged with students and faculty on topics ranging from biological engineering to nutrition to 4-H programs during his first tour of the Ithaca campus on Feb. 2.

Wild bumblebee queens lured and killed in commercial hives

A new study finds that nest boxes of commercial eastern common bumblebees (Bombus impatiens) lead to the deaths of wild queens who are attracted to the brightly colored hives.

New NY Outcomes Fund pays farmers to adopt sustainable practices

The New York Outcomes Fund pilot will pay farmers in the Great Lakes watershed to adopt regenerative practices.

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Internship offers undergrads multidisciplinary perspective in ag and food

A summer internship in sustainable agriculture and food systems enables undergrads from Cornell and across the country to work on a USDA-funded project focused on making policy more nutritious and sustainable.

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