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Chow hounds: Dog food trials soothe gastrointestinal illness

Buddy, a 13-year old briard rescue dog, is one of three dozen dogs in an ongoing study on treating persistent gastrointestinal problems with changes in their diets. The results so far have been remarkable.

Gene yields insights into the causes of neurodegeneration

Fenghua Hu is researching factors that cause Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. Her new study shows the role that one particular gene plays in protecting the central nervous system via the formation and maintenance of the myelin sheath.

USDA grant to support CALS’ indoor ag training programs

Thanks to a grant from the USDA, horticulture experts in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will help design new training programs for workers in controlled environment agriculture.

Scientists identify new pathogen in NY apples

In a study of New York state apple orchards, Cornell plant pathologists have identified a new fungal pathogen that causes bitter rot disease in apples. 

New test offers clarity for couples struggling to conceive

A new male fertility test based on Cornell research could help predict which men might need treatment and which couples might have success with different forms of assisted reproduction.

Pandemic injects new urgency into coronavirus collaborations

Susan Daniel and Gary Whittaker discuss their collaborations and others across Cornell’s campuses that are working to better understand the COVID-19 virus.


Cornell Atkinson awards $1.1M to innovative projects

Cornell Atkinson has awarded seven Academic Venture Fund seed grants, totaling $1.1 million, for projects that engage faculty from eight Cornell colleges and 16 academic departments.

Treatments tested for invasive pest on allium crops

A Cornell-led team of researchers field-tested 14 active ingredients in insecticides, applied in a variety of methods, to understand the best treatment options against the Allium leafminer, a growing threat to onions, garlic and leeks.

Gerlinde Van de Walle: ‘There’s so much to investigate’

Veterinarian Gerlinde Van de Walle studies diverse issues in animal health, from viruses and stem cells in companion and livestock animals such as cats and horses to mammary cancer in mammals.