Wing skeleton evolution may be less restricted in small birds

Load-bearing bones within the wings of smaller birds may evolve more freely than they do in larger birds, since larger birds have to resist higher levels of stress on their skeletons.

Kenyan fishers face increased drowning risk from climate change

Fatal drownings are a big risk for small-scale fishers on Africa’s largest lake, with many of those deaths attributed to bad weather – conditions that are likely to worsen with climate change.

The Digital CoLab: Elevating skills, building community

Home to Cornell University Library’s Digital Scholarship Services, the Digital CoLab on the 7th floor of Olin Library stimulates innovation in research and teaching while building connections among scholars across campus. It follows one simple formula: “People over projects.” 

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World’s largest hummingbird is actually two species

Researchers found that though the two species of giant hummingbird appear identical, the northern population stays in the high Andes year-round while the southern population migrates.

Newest EEG lab empowers faculty from multiple disciplines

Cornell's newest interdisciplinary EEG lab could help faculty make breakthroughs in fields ranging from psychology to neurology to artificial intelligence. 

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Chinese fruit fly genomes reveal global migrations, repeated evolution

Fruit flies, which humans have inadvertently spread around the globe, arrived in China roughly 4,000 years ago.

Experts provide facts about avian influenza for dairy producers

While a strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has been detected in dairy cattle in nine states – not including New York state – the commercial milk supply continues to be safe, according to a panel of experts.

Students revive classic microchip fabrication with open-source tools

A unique project team enables Cornell undergraduates to use emerging open-source hardware to design, test and fabricate their own microchips – a complex, expensive process that is rarely available to students.

Cornell Botanic Gardens’ pocket guide puts top sites in your palm

This new pocket-sized brochure gives you all you need to know to explore the gardens, natural areas, and gorges of Cornell Botanic Gardens.

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