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Prison education alums work with undergrads on theater piece

Participants in a new class – designed to bring together formerly incarcerated and traditional Cornell students – have written, workshopped and performed an ensemble theatrical piece that will premiere online May 16.

Nano-sized McGraw Tower features 161 steps, chimes

Ed Camacho of the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility has created what is thought to be the world’s smallest rendition of Cornell’s iconic McGraw Tower – complete with its 161 interior steps, two sets of stairs and 21 bells.

Swiping, swabbing elevates processing plant food safety

By swiping surfaces in commercial food processing plants with specially designed swabs, spoilage and foodborne illness could diminish, according to Cornell research.

Cornell Humphrey Fellows help conserve local wetland habitats

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Cornell volunteered for conservation efforts at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in April as part of Earth Day activities.

Around Cornell

Engage public, explore methods to secure NYS green energy

Solar-power developers should explore using lower-quality agricultural land and engage communities early to meet NYS green energy goals.

ILR’s Buffalo Co-Lab to host high road policy summit

Elected officials and expert advocates will discuss envisioning and advancing policies that combat racial and economic inequality.

Around Cornell

Earth Day forum: Barrett maps food systems past mid-century

To feed the world in a healthy, sustainable way, nations need to reorient today’s agri-food systems for distant generations, said Chris Barrett at an Earth Day forum.

Cornell experts advocate for ag diversity, food security

Cornell Cooperative Extension and faculty experts discussed opportunities to diversify agriculture and address food insecurity during a New York State Senate hearing on April 13.

Program will support diverse founders of climate tech startups

Diversity in ClimateTech is a new entrepreneurship program powered by Cornell and Chloe Capital, and supported by NYSERDA, with the purpose of supporting underrepresented innovators working on cleantech solutions in the Southern Tier.