NYC schools chancellor gets a taste of Cornell

David Banks joined a team of students for a cooking competition where all the dishes included herbs grown by the students in the Cornell University Cooperative Extension Hydroponics, Aquaponics Science and Technology Education Program at Food and Finance High School.

Overlooked, undervalued: Cornell research seeks to elevate home care workers

A multidisciplinary team of Cornell researchers is collaborating to elevate the value of home care workers while improving their working conditions and patient outcomes.

United Airlines, Dimensional Energy reach green fuel pact

United Airlines will fly greener through its friendly skies, as the airline agreed to buy at least 300 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel from Cornell startup Dimensional Energy.

Concord grape innovation contest offers $100K in prizes

Applications are being accepted through Aug. 1 for the inaugural New York Concord Grape Innovation Award, a first-of-its-kind business competition aimed at stimulating innovation and development of new products and markets for one of New York’s largest and most historic grape industries.

NYC exhibition features plight of the ninespotted lady beetle

The exhibition, “Extinct and Endangered,” opens June 22 in New York City and is based on the macrophotography of renowned artist Levon Biss.

Study to focus on climate impact of NYS ponds, wetlands

Meredith Holgerson, assistant professor in ecology and evolutionary biology, is working with New York state to quantify the climate impact of ponds and wetlands, as part of the state’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Finger Lakes Land Trust, once a master’s project, conserves 28K acres

Alumnus Andy Zepp started the Finger Lakes Land Trust one night in a Fernow Hall lecture hall. Now executive director, he’s preserving the region’s iconic landscapes one acre at a time.

Tear down academic silos: Take an ‘undisciplinary’ approach

Solving problems like climate change could require dismantling rigid academic boundaries, so that researchers of various backgrounds may collaborate through an “undisciplinary” approach.

Community Work Study Program Student Employee Awards

Joy Davis ’22 and Grace Choi ’22 were named Community Work Study Program Student Employees of the Year for their leadership, professionalism and teamwork in jobs that help improve the lives of community residents.

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