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Chobani to address diversity in ag with $1M expansion of Scholars Program

Chobani has announced changes to its successful Chobani Scholars Program, adding a pledge of $1 million and a focus on supporting historically underserved students who wish to pursue a broad set of agricultural interests.

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Startup roundup: New alliances for Ava Labs

Cornell startups Ava Labs have new key partnerships with Deloitte and Mastercard, while university startup companies SwiftScale Biologics and Novomer have been acquired.

A Collegetown mural memorializes loved ones lost to illness

Yerkezhan Abuova ’23 memorialized her grandmothers in a Collegetown mural, painting them surrounded by animals, tulips and waterlilies. She hopes it will comfort viewers who grieve.

Paid home care workers go well beyond standard duties

A study also revealed that expanded duties, particularly emotional care, resulted in a higher perceived value of the workers’ contributions, which could help boost pay for home care workers.

2021 was Northeast’s third-warmest year since 1895

For the Northeastern U.S., the year 2021 was third warmest – at an average of 49.5 degrees, which ties the year 2020 – since 1895, says the Northeast Regional Climate Center.

Upstate residents skittish on building utility-scale solar

As New York prepares for a carbon-free energy future, public support for utility-scale solar farms is much lower than support for smaller solar projects, says new Cornell research.

Local stray’s rescue and healing featured in children’s book

Milo’s skin problems were just the start of his medical issues. Months of treatment and a loving home eventually inspired a children’s book celebrating his resilience.

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Cornell Tech celebrates 10th anniversary of winning NYC competition

Campus built for the digital age has already helped make NYC 2nd most valuable startup ecosystem in the world, graduated 1,200 tech leaders, launched 82 startups and raised $920 million.

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Rural humanities projects explore NYS past and present

Ethan Dickerman, a master’s student at the Cornell Institute for Archaeology & Material Studies, created the Tompkins County Rural Black Residents Project as part of a Rural Humanities Seminar, hosted by Cornell’s Society for the Humanities.