First known interstellar interloper resembles ‘dark comet’

Intensive study of Oumuamua after its 2017 detection helped astronomer Darryl Seligman find potential “dark comets” in our solar system – small bodies that look like asteroids but act like comets.

Semiconductor lattice marries electrons and magnetic moments

A model system created by stacking a pair of monolayer semiconductors is giving physicists a simpler way to study confounding quantum behavior.

New College Scholars research climate, health care, legal interpretation

Twenty sophomores in the College of Arts & Sciences will design their own interdisciplinary courses of study as the newest members of the Robert S. Harrison College Scholar Program.

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Enrollment now open for Summer Session 2023

Students from Cornell and other universities are invited to enroll now for Cornell’s Summer Session, which will feature on-campus, online and off-campus courses. Students can earn up to 15 credits taking regular Cornell courses.

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Antibody fragment-nanoparticle therapeutic eradicates cancer

A novel cancer therapeutic, combining antibody fragments with molecularly engineered nanoparticles, permanently eradicated gastric cancer in treated mice, a multi-institutional team of researchers found.

Scientists enhance recyclability of waste plastic

Cornell scientists working with the U.S. Department of Energy have developed a new method for recycling high-density polyethylene using a novel catalytic approach.

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Klarman Fellow Malinowski creates and tests quantum materials

A world expert at using mechanical strain to precisely manipulate the properties of materials, Malinowski is particularly interested in superconductors.

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Researchers pioneer ‘socioresilient materials’ field with NSF grant

Cornell Engineering faculty and alumni are reimagining design approaches to the materials that make up the world around us to mitigate unintended social and environmental consequences.

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Kessler Fellows accepts record cohort for 2023

The Kessler Fellows program has welcomed a record 20 students to its 2023 cohort. The group will spend the spring semester learning entrepreneurial basics in preparation for a fully funded summer internship at a startup.

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