Cleaning technique boosts electronic, photonic prospects of aluminum nitride

A group of researchers led by Cornell is unlocking the full potential of aluminum nitride – an important material for the advancement of electronics and photonics – thanks to the development of a surface cleaning technique that enables high-quality production.

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Mummified bird gets second life in multisensory exhibition

A mummified bird – and the research into its historical context and extraordinary afterlife – will be on display in an exhibition that runs Oct. 7-9, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., in Upson Hall’s Lounge 116.

2022 Bethe Lectures: Harnessing quantum matter for future technologies

Physicist Charles Kane will explain how mysterious features of quantum mechanics can be harnessed for future technologies on Oct. 19, 7:30 p.m.

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Cornell startups get $3M from NYS to impede disease outbreak

Halomine and Inso Biosciences – both from Cornell incubators – have received $3 million in New York state grants to help thwart disease outbreaks and expand the state’s life science industries.

Cross-campus initiative to accelerate innovations in engineering, medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Engineering are launching an initiative, led by Emmanuel Giannelis, to form cross-disciplinary partnerships.

Scientists depict Dragonfly landing site on Saturn moon Titan

When NASA’s 990-pound Dragonfly rotorcraft reaches the Selk crater on Saturn’s moon Titan in 2034, Cornell’s Léa Bonnefoy '15 will have helped it to make a smooth landing.

New postdoctoral research program is now accepting applications

The CURES fellowship program supports advanced research as well as efforts to enhance diversity in recipients’ fields of study.

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Synthetic lava in the lab aids exoplanet exploration

As surveying the cosmos for the new James Webb Space Telescope gets hot, Cornell researchers have modeled and synthesized lava in order to discover far-away, volcanic exoplanets.

Hyster wins Fresenius Award for early-career excellence

New tools being developed by the Hyster lab can be applied in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

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