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Helmet design protects dentists, doctors from COVID-19

Simulations show the helmet, designed by the Esmaily Lab, prevents 99.6% of virus-containing droplets exhaled by medical patients from reaching the environment.

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Abruña wins national award in analytical chemistry

Héctor D. Abruña has been honored by the American Chemical Society with the ACS National Award in Analytical Chemistry for his pioneering work in electrochemistry, including the development of fuel cell and battery materials.

Historic Alaskan Tlingit 1804 battle fort site found

Cornell and National Park Service researchers have pinpointed the exact location of a Tlingit fort in Sitka, Alaska used in 1804 to defend against Russian colonization forces.

Borehole to reveal potential of geothermal heating

Cornell is moving forward, and underground, with plans to drill an observatory borehole to explore the viability – and ensure the safety – of using geothermal energy to heat the Ithaca campus.

Astronomers estimate Titan’s largest sea is 1,000 feet deep

Far below the gaseous atmospheric shroud on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, lies Kraken Mare, a sea of liquid methane, which astronomers have estimated to be at least 1,000 feet deep.

Cornell Day of Data to focus on research collaboration

The annual Cornell Day of Data, this year a two-day virtual event, Jan. 27-28, brings together professors, researchers and students from across the university to share techniques, tools and insights in working with data.

New curriculum requirements bring host of new courses to A&S

Changes make the curriculum easier for students to navigate, simplify the graduation requirements and expand student opportunities for interdisciplinary work and faculty opportunities for innovative teaching.

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NASA extends Cornell-involved Juno, InSight missions

NASA’s Juno spacecraft and the InSight lander have both received mission extensions, the space agency announced Jan. 8. Cornell astronomers serve key roles on both projects.

A&S selects 24 sophomores for College Scholar program

The College Scholar Program in the College of Arts & Sciences allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major, organized around a question or issue of interest, and pursue a course of study that cannot be found in an established major.

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