New A.D. White Professors named; fall visits announced

A quantum physicist and an environmental economist have been appointed the newest A.D. White Professors-at-Large, and five returning professors will visit campus this fall.

Comparing ‘sister’ compounds may hold key to quantum puzzle

In two new papers, an international collaboration of researchers including Cornell physicists explain, on the microscopic level, why “Planckian” scattering of electrons occurs in some materials but not in others.

NIH funds Cornell-led biomedical initiatives

Jack Freed, the Frank and Robert Laughlin Professor of Physical Chemistry Emeritus, has received two grants totaling $7.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to use electron-spin resonance for the benefit of public health.

‘Thermometer’ molecule confirmed on exoplanet WASP-31b

Chromium hydride, a molecule that’s relatively rare and particularly sensitive to temperature, is useful as a “thermometer for stars,” according to astronomer Laura Flagg in published research.

CALS offers new interdisciplinary minor in digital agriculture

Students can now choose a new minor in digital agriculture, a multidisciplinary field focused on food and agriculture production systems, but with an increasingly broader span of applications and interests.

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New modeling method helps to understand extreme heat waves

To prepare for extreme heat waves around the world, running climate-simulation models that include a new, efficient computing concept may save tens of thousands of lives.

Five early-career professors win NSF development awards

Researchers studying the formation of the Earth’s crust and wearable technology for daily-life applications are among those at Cornell who recently received National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Awards.

Judy Cha named director of Cornell NanoScale Facility

Cha, whose research focuses on topological and two-dimensional nanomaterials, will lead the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility, a national open-user nanofabrication facility for university-based researchers, industry, and startups.

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Students head across globe thanks to Summer Experience Grant funding

Summer Experience Grants in the College of Arts & Sciences helped 139 students to take minimally-paid or unpaid summer positions this year. 

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