Six assistant professors win NSF early-career awards

Researchers studying carbon removal and storage methods and novel additive manufacturing techniques are among the six Cornell faculty members who recently received National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Awards.

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Study sheds new light on materials assembly in confinement

Researchers at Cornell used computer simulations to show how the assembly of a complex particle shape is affected when confined inside a spherical container. The findings offer scientists a new method for controlling the assembly structure of the resulting material.

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Upon reflection, scientists evaluate Earth-cooling strategies

A group of international scientists led by Cornell is evaluating how the stratosphere could be made just a little bit brighter, reflecting more sunlight so that Earth maintains its cool.

Digitization program calls for applications

Making a difference one digital collection at a time, the library's grants program partners with faculty and Ph.D. students.

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Cornell group to comb data from Lake Superior sailing drones

Seafaring drones soon will allow Cornell scientists to examine the abundance and distribution of forage fish – like zooplankton and shrimp – that nourish species higher on the food chain.

Wobbling droplets in space confirm late professor’s theory

An experiment on the International Space Station has given Cornell researchers fresh insight into the ways that water droplets oscillate and spread across solid surfaces.

Summer experiences: ‘I love interacting with patients’

Ivan Andrade’s summer experience helped him realize that he’s headed in the right direction as he pursues a career in medicine

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Portable cancer testing expands in sub-Saharan Africa

A portable diagnostic device designed by researchers at Cornell Engineering and Weill Cornell Medicine seeks to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis of Kaposi sarcoma, a common yet difficult-to-detect cancer that often signals the presence of HIV infection.

Academic boot camp boosts veterans’ higher ed mission

Thirteen enlisted military service members and veterans completed an intensive two-week curriculum at Cornell in partnership with the nonprofit Warrior-Scholar Project, which helps veterans transition to higher education.