Self-folding origami machines powered by chemical reaction

A Cornell-led collaboration harnessed chemical reactions to make microscale origami machines self-fold – freeing them from the liquids in which they usually function, so they can operate in dry environments and at room temperature.

Cornell Racing team excels in all-electric competition debut

Cornell Racing students made history after winning the 2023 Toyota Green Grand Prix, the first competition in the team’s more than three decades of racing that they drove an all-electric vehicle.

Magnetic imaging unlocks crucial property of 2D superconductor

Cornell researchers have for the first time characterized a key property of the superconducting state of a class of atomically thin materials that are too difficult to measure due to their minuscule size.

Upcycling method turns textile trash to functional coatings

To make textiles more sustainable, a new method allows researchers to break old clothing down chemically and reuse polyester compounds to create fire resistant, anti-bacterial or wrinkle-free coatings that could then be applied to clothes and fabrics.

X-ray imaging captures fleeting defects in sodium-ion batteries

A Cornell-led collaboration succeeded in identifying an elusive mechanism that can trigger degradation in sodium-ion batteries.

Mars Rover documentary to screen at Cornell Cinema

Cornell Cinema will present a free screening of the documentary Good Night Oppy May 2.

Around Cornell

Arts and Sciences faculty featured on Academic Minute

Five faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences will be featured on a “Cornell week” on The Academic Minute radio program from May 1-5.

Around Cornell

Optical neural networks hold promise for image processing

Cornell researchers have developed an optical neural network that can filter relevant information from a scene before the visual image is detected by a camera, a method that may make it possible to build faster, smaller and more energy-efficient image sensors.

‘Heroic’ physicist Toichiro Kinoshita dies at 98

Toichiro Kinoshita, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Physics Emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences, died March 23. He was 98.