Research in Focus: Nikole Lewis explains unique worlds among newly discovered exoplanets

Nikole Lewis will be one of the first to characterize distant exoplanets using infrared data from the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope.

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Student researchers explore changing chemical reactions

Students in Andrew Musser's lab are working on samples that could shape the future of solar or change the way chemical reactions are performed.

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Study conceptualizes energy efficient, wireless charging roads

New research by Cornell engineers provides a blueprint for developing roads equipped with energy storage systems that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles.  

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Study finds ultimate limits of spaceplates in optical systems

In the quest to miniaturize camera lenses and other optical systems, Cornell researchers have, for the first time, defined the fundamental and practical limits of spaceplates.

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MOCVD tool to advance gallium-oxide semiconductor research

A new metal organic chemical vapor deposition system will be used to engineer and study gallium oxide, an important material for the future of high-powered electronics.

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Research in Focus: Greeshma Gadikota invents technologies to capture and upcycle carbon dioxide

Greeshma Gadikota’s lab has pulled carbon dioxide from smokestack-like conditions and locked it in solid form. The possibilities are staggering.

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“Startup Cornell” podcast features one-year anniversary special

Hear speakers from the podcast's first year share their top tips.

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Deformable pump gives soft robots a heart

A collaboration between Cornell researchers and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory has leveraged hydrodynamic and magnetic forces to drive a rubbery, deformable pump that can provide soft robots with a circulatory system, in effect mimicking the biology of animals.

$3.8M NSF grant begins a new era of early universe research

The grant from the National Science Foundation will support a team of Cornell physicists who smash matter into its component parts to learn about elementary particles and their interactions.