Hemp cannabinoids may have evolved to deter insect pests

Cannabinoids, naturally occurring compounds found in hemp plants, may have evolved to deter pests from chewing on them, according to experiments that showed higher cannabinoid concentrations in hemp leaves led to proportionately less damage from insect larvae.

NYS families to access more fresh produce via $8M USDA grant

Cornell researchers are helping to improve and expand a program that makes fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetable more affordable for New York state families with low incomes.

Riché Richardson receives literary society award

Richardson won the 2022 C. Hugh Holman Award for her book "Emancipation's Daughters."

Around Cornell

Farm-to-school food program a net positive, study finds

Farm-to-school programs, which bring healthy foods to children and support rural economic development, actually work from an economic perspective in at least one upstate New York school district, according to new Cornell research.

Cornell chemists image basic blocks of synthetic polymers

Cornell chemists have developed a technique that allows them to image polymerization catalysis reactions at single-monomer resolution, key in discovering the molecular composition of a synthetic polymer.

Pesticides detected in beeswax

An analysis of beeswax in managed honeybee hives in New York finds a wide variety of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide residues, exposing current and future generations of bees to long-term toxicity.

Cornell program boosted health workers’ skills, confidence

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty in Cornell’s Public Health Program developed an innovative online training program to help boost skills in the public health workforce. A recent study recently reports that 94% of participants gained skills and knowledge they could apply directly to their work, and 86% developed a better understanding of public health.

Tompkins County living wage sees an ‘unprecedented’ increase

ILR researchers have calculated the 2023 living wage for Tompkins County is nearly 10% higher than in 2022, the highest increase in three decades. The most important factor driving the new figure is the increased cost of housing.

Education key to curbing antimicrobial resistance in cats

Surveys tease apart how cat owners’ and veterinarians’ views may each be contributing to overuse of the only long-acting, injectable antimicrobial for use in cats, called cefovecin.