‘Food is Medicine’ research is key to chronic disease care

An American Heart Association Presidential Advisory outlines an ambitious plan to increase rigorous research on initiatives aimed at providing food as medicine for chronic conditions.

Researchers have designs on better women’s hockey protective gear

While pursuing her master’s in apparel design, Tulasi Elangovan, M.A. ’23, researched and designed a prototype for a shoulder pad made especially for female hockey players, with help from members of the Big Red women’s team.

$7.3M grant to expand wheat pathogen surveillance

One of the world’s largest crop pathogen surveillance systems is set to expand its capacity to protect wheat productivity in food vulnerable areas of East Africa and South Asia.

Live plant pathogens can travel on dust across oceans

Plant pathogens can hitch rides on dust and remain viable, with the potential for traveling across the planet to infect areas far afield, a finding with important implications for global food security and for predicting future outbreaks.

OmniMotion allows for better video motion estimation

Cornell researchers have developed an optimization tool, OmniMotion, to estimate motion throughout an input video, which has potential applications in video editing and generative AI video creation. It was presented at a conference last week in Paris.

Cornell-built array camera opens a powerful eye on the sky

The Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia will soon see a vast expansion of its survey capabilities, thanks to a decadelong effort at Cornell to build an advanced camera that will offer a wide, continuous field of view of the sky.

Newman, Plowright, Wolchok elected to National Academy of Medicine

Two faculty members from Weill Cornell Medicine and one from the College of Veterinary Medicine have been elected to the National Academy of Medicine, one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine.

Clearinghouse highlights aging, climate as interlinked risks

Cornell experts have launched the Aging and Climate Change Clearinghouse to promote research, policies and activism addressing the need to protect vulnerable older adults in the face of climate challenges.

Cornell leads NYS consortium for space tech development

Cornell is spearheading the New York Consortium for Space Technology Innovation and Development – a new initiative aimed at bolstering U.S. space technology research and manufacturing by uniting industry, academic and government partners.

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