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Steven Alvarado, assistant professor of sociology and author of the study, says, “Black and Latino students certainly reap some benefits from having college-bound friends in high school, but the benefits are not as widespread for these students as they are for white and Asian students when it comes to college enrollment.” 

“What all of us should be wanting is a jury that represents the range of views and opinions and demographic characteristics of the community,” says Valerie Hans, professor of law. “That should include people that maybe were in protests and have a variety of views on the related issues.” 

Saule Omarova, professor of law, appeared on the “Pitchfork Economics” podcast and talks about her thoughts on establishing a National Investment Agency. 

“Their skills can deteriorate, or at a minimum not keep up,” says Erica Groshen, senior labor market advisor. “They will lose confidence. They will lose contacts with the working world. And their references may no longer be valid.”

“Food waste is a consequence of sensible decisions by people acting on the best information available,” says Chris Barrett, professor of applied economics and management. 

“We know from many years of experience that any virus, particularly RNA viruses, are going to vary fairly extensively,” says Colin Parrish, professor of virology. “There’s very little evidence that most of them will have much effect on the average person.” 

Mary Jo Dudley, director of the Cornell Farmworker Program, says that it is “puzzling” that New York state farmworkers were left out of the current phase of coronavirus vaccine eligibility “at a time when we’ve seen an increasing number of COVID cases among the farmworker population.” 

Greg Morrisett, dean and vice provost of Cornell Tech, calls on cities to implement some best practices, and notes that “A little bit of education goes a long way in terms of training employees, and hiring a firm to come in and probe for weakness and look for problems is another good best practice.” 

“For a long time, economists have argued that workers are less likely to go on strike and push for things like unions in bad economic times,” says Ileen DeVault, professor of labor history at the ILR School. “Employers could fire you and replace you with another worker. Workers had more power when unemployment rates are low.” 

“He tried to delay them as much as possible,” says Jens David Ohlin, professor and interim dean at the Law School, referring to the Trump cases in general. “But now that he’s out of office, he no longer has a (path to delay). Now, he’s just like anyone else.” 

Lourdes Casanova, director of the Emerging Markets Institute, says, “Some interpret low numbers in the Chinese economy without taking into account that China is behaving more and more like a developed country... [It is] not yet at the same level in GDP per capita as the U.S. and Europe because of the size of the population, but other indicators are already similar.”   

Frank Lomax, lecturer in industrial process and product design, says that it will likely take new regulation to get oil and gas companies to invest in protecting their assets from extreme weather.