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Wesley Hochachka, senior research associate at the Lab of Ornithology, discusses which bird feeders are best in limiting the spread of disease and some methods to keep feeders clean.

“If I'm a defendant's lawyer, I want to sit back and watch the impeachment proceedings unfold,” says Randy Zelin, an adjunct professor at Cornell Law School. “Because that's going to be the best evidence that I could possibly muster for a motion to dismiss my client's case.” 

“The movement to organize Amazon, like Walmart before it, has been going on for 20 years,” says Patricia Campos-Medina, codirector of the Worker Institute. “Every time there’s a challenge, the entire corporation puts its massive resources into defeating the union drive. Until we change that framework, every time workers deal with a massive corporation, they are going to be the underdog.” 

“It's not about political consequences,” says Steve Israel, a former Democratic congressman who is now director of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs. “It's about establishing an historic record of Donald Trump’s role in an attack on democracy and forcing Republicans to say what side of history they’re on.”

Alexander Colvin, dean of the ILR School, explains that employers avoid union representation by “shifting investment to nonunion facilities and to parts of the country with low levels of unionization.” 

Cynthia Grant Bowman, professor of law, writes this letter to the editor arguing that clemency should be granted for older prisoners who are not a danger to society to reduce crowding and the need for vaccinations in prisons. 

The NFL awarded $50,000 to Organic Robotics Corporation, co-founded by Ilayda Samilgil, CEO and former PhD student of co-founder Rob Shepherd, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, for the company’s work on its Light Lace sensors.

Andrew Novakovic, professor emeritus of agricultural economics, says that if Tom Vilsack is confirmed as U.S. agriculture secretary, “He’s going to be thinking about how [to] promote prosperity while at the same time achieving environmental goals.” 

In this op-ed, Cynthia Grant Bowman, professor of law, highlights that New York prisons remain COVID-19 hotspots and argues that the state must release incarcerated individuals who are most vulnerable to the disease. 

Art Wheaton, director of the Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs for the Worker Institute, says that Amazon’s continued growth will bring increased scrutiny of how Amazon pays and treats its employees.

Andrew Farnsworth, senior research associate in the Lab of Ornithology, discusses snowy owl population numbers and says that a decline can indicate stress in their ecosystem. Farnsworth notes the species is at risk due to climate change. 

Maureen O’Hara, professor of finance, writes this opinion piece explaining the GameStop stock chaos.