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Eswar Prasad, professor of international trade policy and economics, joins CNBC to discuss Janet Yellen's visit to China.

The Guardian

Drew Margolin, assistant professor of communication, says, “Twitter’s appeal is not the ‘functionality’ which Threads is obviously imitating, but the network and the culture. I’m not sure how Meta can re-create this. It would need to create the sense that this was the place to be heard because this was the place where the people whose opinions matter pay attention.”



David Silbey, associate professor of history, discusses the Wagner Group mutiny in Russia.



“Some degree of economic integration is beneficial to the companies on both sides and overall prosperity of both peoples,” says Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of government. 


Johnnie Kallas, Ph.D. candidate at ILR, says, “Workers just feel a lot more empowered. The increase in strikes speaks to ongoing discontent not just with wages, but disrespect and contentious negotiations, which are especially pronounced at Starbucks.”

The Hill

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on the 2024 election. 



Laura Riley, professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Weill Cornell Medicine, discusses the rise in maternal mortality among Black women.

CBS News

Mike Lynn, professor of services marketing at the Nolan School, discusses the increase of tip screens in businesses.

The Guardian

“Without stronger emission cuts, the changes we are seeing are just the start of the adverse impacts we can expect to see. This year and the extreme events we have seen so far should serve as a warning,” says Natalie Mahowald, professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences.

Bloomberg CityLab

In this opinion piece, Greg Lindsay, urban tech fellow, explains why cities should pay more attention to the metaverse as augmented reality continues to gain traction.


Denise Green, associate professor of fiber science and apparel design, explains the difficulties with current recycling methods, saying, “Can you find denim pants that don’t have a little bit of spandex or elastane that has been spun into the fiber? That makes it really challenging to recycle the cotton from denim.”

Today Show


Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, urban entomologist and senior extension associate at CCE, discusses chiggers and their bites.