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“The deep field image fills me with wonder and hope,” says Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy and director of the Carl Sagan Institute. 

“If you have lower income and then pool together, it might feel like a lot more money, whereas if you have two really affluent people and you pool together, you’re still super rich,” says Emily Garbinsky, associate professor of marketing. 

This piece on efforts to address the food desert in Buffalo’s East Side mentions a partnership between High Street Market and Cornell Cooperative Extension which will provide fresh fruit and vegetables to the area as well as allow kids to plant and cultivate gardens.  

Chris Collins, professor in the ILR School, says that a largely remote workplace can lead to weaker social connections among staff, resulting in less understanding of and investment in the institution’s values. 

Art Wheaton, senior extension associate with the ILR School, speaks extensively about why railroad workers were prepared to strike, Congress’s ability to stop a labor strike and what comes next for railroad workers. 

Andrew Farnsworth, senior research associate with the Lab of Ornithology, says, “The fact that architects and builders are using bird-friendly technology, that is a positive. But it’s not [happening] as fast as it needs to be.” 

“The China supply chain is not going to evaporate overnight,” says Eli Friedman, associate professor in the ILR School. “Decoupling is just not realistic for these companies for the time being.” 

“In firing half of the employees, he appears focused on reducing cash expense such that the company itself can generate the cash to cover the interest expense,” says Drew Pascarella, senior lecturer of finance. “Of course, without sufficient revenue, there is no cash even if expenses get under control. Twitter’s revenue generation, from advertisers and potentially from subscribers, is a question mark at current.”

William Jacobson, professor of law and founder of a database tracking critical race theory curricula in higher education, discusses the presence of critical race theory in medical school. 

Odette Lienau, professor of law, discusses what the new CEO of FTX needs to do. 

This piece references Michael Dorf, professor of law, on the tension between the rights to free speech and guns.

“The amount of spending on [culling] is peanuts compared to the amount they make exporting poultry products,” says Jarra Jagne, associate professor of practice in public and ecosystem health.