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“Unions are successful when they are building on things that workers are concerned about,” said Alexander Colvin, dean of the Industrial and Labor Relations School. 

"The good news is monkeypox is declining," said Roy Gulick, professor of medicine. "Globally it's declining and across the United States but being really led by the major cities and we've seen it right here in New York." 

The Empire State Poll, conducted between May and mid-August, found that 28% of respondents ranked the cost of living first, followed by crime at just over 20%.

Adjunct professor of law, Randy Zelin, argues in this op-ed that talk of appointing a special master to review the documents found at Mar-a-Lago is a distraction and the documents are what they are. 

So far, Starbucks has not negotiated a single contract with any of the stores that voted to unionize. There is virtually no penalty for an employer who does not reach a contract with the union, said Alexander Colvin, dean of the Industrial and Labor Relations School. 

“It is important to scale up these efforts to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food options,” says Angela Odoms-Young, associate professor of nutritional science.

“We have great opportunities with all these satellites up there but in terms of realizing a volcano monitoring system we aren’t there yet,” says Matthew Pritchard, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, adding a volcano observatory in space is achievable. 

“The economic tea leaves are particularly difficult to read of late,” says Erica Groshen, senior labor market advisor and a former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“The mere fact that the feds got involved as a separate prosecution is unusual. Most cases of police shootings, even with multiple co-defendants, do not lead to federal charges,” says Joe Margulies, professor of law. 

“Even though the population seems like it's recovered, some perturbation could come along that could cause eagles to decline again,” says Krysten Schuler, assistant research professor in the Department of Public and Ecosystem Health and senior author on the study. 

Bradford Bell, professor in strategic human resources says, “employees recognize this as maybe a moment in which they can kind of push back on some of what they might see as unfair or perhaps burdensome treatment by their employers.” 

David Silbey, associate director of Cornell in Washington and associate adjunct professor of history, discusses the function of prisoners of war throughout history.