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“This is a very different kind of religious exemption, because it does not provide alternative coverage for female employees or female dependents of male employees,” says Nelson Tebbe, professor of law.

“The key question we asked is, if life existed on such a planet, could we even spot it because it orbits around a long-dead star? The answer is yes, if it is there, we could spot it,” says Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy.

"I think these types of programs have the opportunity to develop the business as trustees and the supply chain expertise for businesses to really make good money innovating input distribution. It is a way, also, to diversify our food supply chain structure," says Miguel Gomez, associate professor of food marketing.

“Hawaii is hospitality,” says Douglass Miller, a lecturer at the School of Hotel Administration. “And it’s more than just the hotels and restaurants being shut down. There’s a whole trickle-down effect.”

Along with lost opportunities to fight the pandemic, climate change and other transnational threats, U.S. efforts to punish China could backfire badly,” says Jessica Chen Weiss, associate professor of government.

“Clothing does make you feel things,” says Denise Green, assistant professor of fiber science & apparel design. “Clothing can change your mood. It has dramatic psychological impact.”

“We shouldn’t run away with the numbers and tell ourselves they are an exact estimate of how many people are infected,” says Isaac Weisfuse of the College of Veterinary Medicine. “You need to gather more data about particular populations and put the snapshots together to determine what’s going on." 

Michael Dorf, professor of law, says, “Everybody in the know saw that question and thought at least one justice hoped to dodge a decision.”

“They seem to be in part about things that are hard to grasp, what it means that anybody can be a threat and you can be a threat to everybody,” says Cathy Caruth, professor of comparative literature.

“What could be a clearer signal that the safest place for asylum-seeking families is not (and, for that matter, never has been) in detention,” says Ian Kysel, visiting assistant clinical professor of law.

“I think we are going to see an epic lockup in the mortgage markets as people are going to be unable to make their payments,” says Louis Hyman, director of the NYC Institute for Workplace Studies. 

Nellie Brown, director of workplace health and safety programs at the ILR School, says, “mask requirement of customers would protect employees, as well as other customers."