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Los Angeles Times

Michael Dorf, professor of law, discusses the debt ceiling in this opinion essay.



Virginia Doellgast, professor of employment relations and dispute resolution at ILR, discusses labor unions' battles against disruptive technology.


Sarah Kreps, professor of government, discusses why China continues to push its influence operations.

USA Today


Chekitan Dev, professor of marketing and management at the Nolan School, discusses why hotel brands are shifting away from daily housekeeping.  

Associated Press

“They’re afraid that if the use of AI to do all this becomes normalized, then it becomes very hard to stop the train,” says James Grimmelmann, professor of law. “The guild is in the position of trying to imagine lots of different possible futures.”


Cristobal Young, professor of sociology, discusses the impacts of taxes on the migration of the wealthy.

The Hill

“This is not ‘the end of the March banking crisis’ – it is still the beginning, as shuddering regional bank stocks already are showing at the stock exchanges’ opening bells,” says Robert Hockett, professor of law and finance.

The Atlantic

Christopher Anderson, professor of operations and analytics at the School of Hotel Administration, explains why prices fluctuate when booking a hotel.


Robert Hockett, professor of law and public finance, weighs in on the First Republic crash.

CBS News

Jessie Barry, program manager at the Lab of Ornithology, discusses the origin and usages of the Merlin Bird ID application.

The New York Times

Rachel Bezner Kerr, professor of global development, says: “In some regions of the world it will become not possible to grow food, or to raise animals. That’s if we continue on our current trajectory.”

The Washington Post


This article lists Merlin Bird ID, out of the Lab of Ornithology, as one of 4 free mobile applications for identifying flora and fauna.