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“Hotels have always focused on personalized service and providing a warm, welcoming environment for its guests,” says Kate Walsh, the dean of the School of Hotel Administration. “The challenge for hotels will be to convey the essence of hospitality when we socially distance and disconnect guests from the staff.

Peter Frazier, associate professor of operations research and information engineering, says the testing he proposes in his white paper involving house-based, group testing coupled with effective contact tracing could provide the “ability to send everybody back to work and return the economy more or less to normal…” Provost Michael Kotlikoff notes, “This has not been approved by the FDA as a testing mechanism, despite the fact that it is a very well rounded scientific technique.”

“The congressional cases appeared to split the justices on ideological lines, with the possible exception of Justice Breyer, who seemed genuinely concerned about excesses against future presidents,” says professor of law Michael Dorf. “There appeared to be more cross-ideological agreement in the New York grand jury case.”

“The only thing USDA will subsidize in these boxes is dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and canned pork and chicken,” says Andrew Novakovic, visiting professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Martin Wiedmann, professor of food safety, says that the impact of suspending inspections of food production facilities by the FDA would be minimal as the companies themselves are the primary testers of food safety.

“I wanted to jump up and down cause I didn't really understand why it wasn't more of a crisis kind of feel,” says Isaac Weisfuse of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The last time we had unemployment rates in this neighborhood, it took us five years to get there,” says Erica Groshen, senior extension associate in the ILR School. “This time, we will have achieved that in two months.”

Gen Meredith, lecturer in the College of Veterinary Medicine says, “We had to slam the brakes on so many things in life. Now the pressure is to try to open the gates a bit, and we’re going to need to be monitoring it, every single day.”

“There’s not one number about the labor market that’s going to tell you everything you want to know,” says Erica Groshen, senior extension faculty from the ILR School.

“What EDF is saying — and many others have been saying for some time — is that the flares often go out: they are not burning anything at all,” says Robert Howarth, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

“This is a very different kind of religious exemption, because it does not provide alternative coverage for female employees or female dependents of male employees,” says Nelson Tebbe, professor of law.

“The key question we asked is, if life existed on such a planet, could we even spot it because it orbits around a long-dead star? The answer is yes, if it is there, we could spot it,” says Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy.