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$8.3M award boosts chemistry research into fuel cells, batteries

Chemistry Professor Héctor D. Abruña has been awarded $8.3 million to further his group’s research related to fuel cells and advanced battery technologies.

Labor market gender inequality will be examined in ILR lecture

“Gender Inequality in the Labor Market: Continuing Progress?” will be presented by Professor Francine Blau.

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Mark your calendar: moments you won't want to miss at the Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities Launch Symposium

This September 27–28, "Critical Conversations for Urban Transformation" brings urban leaders and expert design practitioners, scholars, artists, and activists together around some of the most pressing challenges facing cities today to catalyze new ideas on partnership and potential urban futures.

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Caribbean reparations leader Beckles to speak Sept. 16

Sir Hilary Beckles, a leader in the global movement for slavery reparations, will speak at Cornell on September 16.

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Cells help immune system tolerate friendly gut bacteria

Immune cells called group 3 innate lymphoid cells play an essential role in establishing tolerance to symbiotic microbes that dwell in the human gastrointestinal tract, according to a study led by researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Everett Markwardt, M.S. ’51, ag outreach pioneer, dies at 100

Everett Donald Markwardt, M.S. ’51, a leader in reforms that modernized agricultural outreach and support across the Northeast, has died at the age of 100.

Cornell partners in $12.5M grant examining aging between males and females

Cornell is co-leading a five-year, $12.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to form the IISAGE Biology Integration Institute aimed at identifying mechanisms and evolution of sex differences between females and males in aging.

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A&S panel considers global impacts of war in Ukraine

Prominent journalists with expertise in Europe and Russia will join Cornell professors to discuss the global implications of the war in Ukraine during the upcoming event “Aftershocks: Geopolitics since the Ukraine invasion,” on Sept. 22.

Grow-NY startups foster progress and collaboration

The startups vying for $3 million in prize money at this year’s Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition aren’t just bringing revolutionary innovations to market, and working to solve the problems confronting agri-food systems – winners are required to make a positive impact on the region, too.

Cornell sets new records for giving and engagement

In support of the To Do the Greatest Good campaign, new gifts and commitments to the university reached $924 million in fiscal year 2022 – the highest amount raised in Cornell’s history and exceeding last year’s record-setting total by 12%.

Research changes assumptions about key fuel cell material

Researchers at Cornell Engineering have revealed the nanomechanics inside a proton-conducting ceramic that has promising applications for fuel cells and hydrogen production.

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Droplet-shaped sculptures kick off Year of Water

Turning on a faucet for a drink rarely elicits deep thoughts on how the water got there. But two new Water Resources Institute “water drops” are packed with a torrent of information.