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Mechanism ‘splits’ electron spins in magnetic material

Cornell researchers discovered a strategy to switch the magnetization in thin layers of a ferromagnet – a technique that could eventually lead to the development of more energy-efficient magnetic memory devices.

First Black fraternity to build monument at its birthplace

The founding chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha will celebrate the acquisition of two properties in Ithaca – its birthplace and its first physical chapter house – during events from May 13-15.

Nobel laureate offers wisdom for forging lasting peace

In her talk, “Forging Lasting Peace: Movements for Justice in a Pluralist” at the 2022 Bartels Lecture, activist Leymah Gbowee wove personal stories with what she sees as the tenets of successful peace-building movements.

Misperceptions can threaten scientific advancement

Misperceptions of marginalized and disadvantaged communities’ level of concern regarding COVID-19 and other issues could undermine cooperation and trust needed to address collective problems, according to new Cornell-led research.

Veterinary College celebrates White Coat Ceremony

The College of Veterinary Medicine celebrated the Class of 2023 with its annual White Coat Ceremony, which marks the transition from preclinical coursework to a year of clinical rotations.

Maribel Garcia Awardee increases connection through student stories

Izabelle Kwan ’24 founded Big Red Heads Magazine to help increase inclusion and connection on Cornell’s campus. The project earned Kwan the 2022 Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award.

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Global bird populations steadily decline

Loss and degradation of natural habitats and direct overexploitation of many species are cited as key threats to avian biodiversity, according to the new study “State of the World’s Birds.”

Mall exhibit opens with ancient Greek concert

The Sculpture Shoppe, an exhibition of plaster reproductions of classical Greco-Roman art from the Cornell Cast Collection, opens May 5 at the Ithaca Mall with a live performance of modernized ancient Greek songs.

Superheroes and more: Brooks students make a “contribution”

Imagining superheroes and sharing leftovers, building a library and embarking on a new educational adventure - that's how four Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy students plan to use funds they received through the Contribution Project. 

Around Cornell

ILR alumni honored at Groat and Alpern Award celebration

Hundreds gathered in Manhattan to celebrate awards won by Russell Hernandez ’88 and David M. Cohen ’73 for career achievements and service to the ILR School.

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Protein contributes to drug tolerance in tuberculosis

Weill Cornell Medicine researchers have identified a protein in Mycobacterium tuberculosis that contributes to drug tolerance, a phenomenon that allows bacteria to survive treatment with drugs that would normally kill them.

Entrepreneurship event celebrates generations of risk-takers

Tiffany Norwood ’89 was honored as Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year at the two-day Celebration conference hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell.