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New building to create ‘unified complex’ for Bowers CIS

Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2023 on a state-of-the-art academic building for the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, to be built adjacent to Bill and Melinda Gates Hall on Hoy Road.

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Book addresses future of local and global agri-food systems

A new open-access book constitutes the most authoritative study on the future of local and global agri-food systems, exploring the challenges of today and envisioning potential food systems scenarios through 2070.

Victorian medicine shaped modern concepts of race

Medical statistics compiled and published by the British military played an important role in introducing “race” as a categorical reality, according to Professor Suman Seth.

David M. Cohen Professorship will support ILR School labor relations faculty

The new professorship will allow the ILR School to recruit and retain top faculty talent in areas of labor relations including collective bargaining, labor law, labor history and dispute resolution.

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Weill Cornell instills social justice, health equity in medical education

The Anti-Racism Curriculum Committee at Weill Cornell Medicine is charged with reinvigorating the curriculum to ensure that medical students gain a firm understanding of how social, economic and policy factors influence health outcomes.

Forklift Learning Studio elevates active learning for engineers

A new Forklift Learning Studio at Cornell will be used to elevate engineering education, turning the vehicles into interactive tools for studying thermofluids, modeling structural mechanics, and experimenting with control dynamics.

Student-librarian partnership makes history

Throughout the spring semester, the inaugural RAD Public History Fellows have been digging deep into library archives and bringing their discoveries to light in creative ways – from social media posts to displays of artifacts and tours of library exhibits.

Dog coronavirus jumps to humans, with a protein shift

Cornell researchers have identified a shift that occurs in canine coronavirus that points to a possible pattern of change found in other coronaviruses and which may provide clues to how they transmit to humans from animals.

Building pathways: Lessons in collaborative instruction and community engaged design

This semester, a compelling conversation across architecture, landscape architecture, and planning has been made possible through the collaborative strategies of three AAP studios focused around work in Salamanca, New York.

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Frog song, shrimp and evolution: Animal Behavior Podcast launches Season 2

 Klarman Fellow and animal behavior researcher Matthew Zipple started the podcast to share the vast array of animal behaviors.

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‘Swarming’ microrobots display versatile movement

Researchers have developed collectives of microrobots - each slightly larger than a hair's width - capable of reconfiguring their swarm behavior to move in circles, bunch up into a clump, spread out like gas or form a straight line like beads on a string.

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App connecting driveways with beachgoers wins hospitality business contest

A farm-to-table styled restaurant, atop barge-decks, docked in waterfront cities and a startup aimed at providing automated robotic solutions for restaurant kitchens were among the pitches presented during the 12th Cornell Hospitality Business Plan Competition.

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