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A new approach to student conduct at Cornell

Ten months into its inaugural year, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards team has taken significant steps toward revitalizing the approach to student conduct at Cornell and distinguishing itself from its predecessor, the Office of the Judicial Administrator.

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Robert F. Smith gift expands STEM access for underrepresented students

As he accepted his Distinguished Alumni Award from Cornell Engineering on May 13, Robert F. Smith ’85 announced a new gift of $15 million for engineering student aid.

Dragonflies use vision, subtle wing control to straighten up and fly right

Cornell researchers have untangled the intricate physics and neural controls that enable dragonflies to right themselves while they’re falling.

A Q&A with Dr. Sarah Caddy of the Veterinary College

Dr. Sarah Caddy joined the College of Veterinary Medicine as assistant professor with the Baker Institute for Animal Health and in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

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The Administrative Management Institute returns to Cornell this summer

The Administrative Management Institute (AMI), one of the country’s top professional development opportunities in higher education, will be back on campus this summer after a two-year hiatus.

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The 2030 Project to marshal faculty to solve climate crisis

Declaring this the “decisive decade” for climate action, Cornell launched The 2030 Project: A Climate Initiative, which will mobilize world-class faculty to develop and accelerate tangible solutions to the climate challenge.

Jellyfish’s stinging cells hold clues to biodiversity

The cnidocytes – or stinging cells – that are characteristic of sea anemones, hydrae, corals and jellyfish, are also an excellent model for understanding the emergence of new cell types, according to new Cornell research.

With $400, students turn ideas into impact

The Contribution Project’s Student Showcase on May 5 recognized nearly 100 undergraduates who each came up with an idea to change the world – with only a $400 budget. 

Staff, faculty win SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

Sixteen faculty and professional staff members in Cornell’s four state contract colleges have been selected for the 2021-22 State University of New York Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence.

3D-printing robot enables sustainable construction

The Bovay Civil Infrastructure Laboratory Complex has a new tenant: a roughly 6,000-pound industrial robot capable of 3D printing large-scale structures that could make construction more sustainable.

Team reveals first image of the black hole at our galaxy’s heart

An international team of more than 300 scientists has created the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Cornell contributors included Shami Chatterjee and James Cordes from the Department of Astronomy.

In State of the Brooks School address, Dean Barry outlines “an opportunity and an obligation”

The Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy is about to conclude its first academic year. In a State of the School address to faculty and staff, Dean Colleen Barry outlined accomplishments from that year and new initiatives the school is about to launch. She also described the school's long-term goals including the goal of becoming one of the nation's pre-eminent public policy schools. 

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