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More soil carbon offers eco-friendly weed control

Cornell researchers have tested an ecological tool in the fight to control weeds in silage soybean and corn fields: adding carbon to soil in the form of sawdust and rye hay.

Solidarity from below: A leftist’s guide to the U.S.-China rivalry

Workers and socially marginalized people in both countries should pressure leaders not to ratchet up rhetoric and to center solidarity across borders, ILR's Eli Friedman argues in a new book.

Cornell team hopes judges say ‘Yes!’ to Nonna’s Nopales gnocchi

Cornell IFT team goes to Chicago with their Nonna’s Nopales futuristic food product – gnocchi made from superfood cactus paddles.

Cornell Board of Directors Forum set for October in NYC

Designed to provide corporate leaders with critical skills and actionable insights to bring to their boardrooms, the 2024 Cornell Tech Board of Directors Forum is slated for Oct. 29 and 30 in New York City.

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Youth program expands to help NYS children with special needs

ACT for Youth, which promotes adolescent health and well-being in New York state, has been awarded $5 million to help local health departments improve care for youth with special needs.

More complaints, worse performance when AI monitors work

Employees prefer human oversight to AI surveillance – unless the technology can be framed as supporting their development, new Cornell research finds.

How girls fare when only a son will do

A new study has found that in 60 middle- and low-income countries, husbands are far more likely to want more sons, while wives are more likely to want more daughters, an equal numbers of boys and girls or have no preference.

Cornell inventors celebrated at cross-campus event

Cornell inventors are turning visionary ideas into tangible solutions to global challenges. Cornell’s Center for Technology Licensing celebrated their achievements at its inaugural Bearers of Innovation event.

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Aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired at NYC event

Panelists at the “How to Leap into Entrepreneurship” event talked the importance of networking, using their Cornell connections and experiences and developing an ability to handle failure.

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ILR’s early international path chronicled in “Beyond Borders”

ILR’s early international path chronicled in “Beyond Borders.”

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Cell division: Before commitment, a long engagement

Before a cell commits fully to the process of dividing itself into two new cells, it may ensure the appropriateness of its commitment by staying for many hours – sometimes more than a day – in a reversible intermediate state, according to new research.

From ‘scholarship kid’ to president, Kotlikoff meets the moment

Michael I. Kotlikoff assumes the role of Cornell’s interim president following the retirement of Cornell’s 14th president, Martha E. Pollack. He will serve until 2026.