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Risa Mish honored with the 2024 Earl Hill Jr. Faculty Achievement and Diversity Leadership Award

Risa Mish, professor of practice at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, was honored by The Consortium for contributions in diversity leadership.

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Student launches online marketplace for ski and snowboard gear

Dylan Seale ’25 debuts a new online ecosystem for independent entrepreneurs in the winter sportswear and gear industry.

Simons Observatory begins measurements to probe Big Bang inflation

The new Simons Observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert may soon answer the great scientific question of what happened in the tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang.

Stay safe in Cornell’s gorgeous gorges

Cornell’s two on-campus gorges inspire and connect the community, but visitors should exercise caution – strong currents and underwater rock ledges make swimming especially dangerous.

‘Two-for-one’ fission aims to improve solar cell efficiency

A Cornell-led team used ultrafast laser spectroscopy to scrutinize a key intermediate state during singlet fission and found that in certain molecules the intermediate can be directly generated with a strikingly simple technique.

Maxwell Fellows to boost data science research in medicine

A gift establishing the Professor William Maxwell '56 Fellows will financially support research professors and students affiliated with Cornell's Engineering Innovations in Medicine initiative.

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Study confirms rotation of Earth’s inner core has slowed

A new study provides the strongest evidence yet that the Earth's inner core began to decrease its speed around 2008, moving slower than the planet’s surface.

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Backdoor method creates high-entropy material at lower temps

An interdisciplinary team developed a backchannel method that uses solubility, not entropy, to overcome thermodynamic constraints and synthesize high-entropy oxide nanocrystals at lower temperatures.

Ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tech spots cancer earlier than standard methods

An artificial intelligence-powered method for detecting tumor DNA in blood has the potential to improve cancer care with the very early detection of recurrence and close monitoring of tumor response during therapy.

The cost of silence: Financial stress mutes couples’ communication

By acknowledging the impact of financial stress on willingness to communicate and exploring strategies to overcome barriers, couples can strengthen their bond and work together toward financial well-being.

Staff graduates celebrated for academic excellence

The 27th annual Staff Graduate Reception honors employees who earned college degrees this year, either from Cornell or another institution.

Beyond winning and losing: Reframing negotiation as a collaborative journey

In a Cornell Keynote, Tarcisio Alvarez-Rivero, a lecturer at Cornell’s Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, shares strategies for successful negotiations.

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