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Harrison College Scholars tackle interdisciplinary research projects

This year’s graduating class of Robert S. Harrison College Scholars presented their final theses during a daylong event May 7 in Goldwin Smith Hall.

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Perspective in tension: Explorations with Leeza Meksin

Assistant Professor of Art Leeza Meksin invites us into her studio to explore the intersection of gender, architecture, garments, and painting in her colorful and highly textured work.

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National Zoning Atlas launched to make America's patchwork of codes accessible and comprehensible

Professor of City and Regional Planning Sara Bronin's zoning atlas initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort to translate and standardize zoning codes across the U.S. into a single, accessible online resource.

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Veterinary surgeon earns national recognition

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons – the specialty board that certifies veterinarians in large and small animal surgery – recognized Dr. Nicole Buote as an ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Soft Tissue).

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Einaudi awards fund global research and activities

Awards from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies will support faculty-led research and international events, send graduate students to research destinations around the world and connect undergraduates with in-person and virtual internships from Ecuador to Zambia and beyond.

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Self-fulfilling rankings boost agencies’ power, influence

Rankings of nations, corporations and colleges trigger behavior that makes them appear more accurate in hindsight, building rating agencies’ power, Cornell economist Kaushik Basu and doctoral student Haokun Sun argue in new research.

Vine removal technique foils devastating grape disease

Removing not only a diseased grapevine but the two vines on either side of it can reduce the incidence of leafroll disease, a long-standing bane of vineyards around the world, Cornell researchers have found.

ILR outlines global severance pay program

When apparel factories shut down due to COVID-19, many workers lost their incomes. ILR’s New Conversations Project proposes a model to protect laborers.

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CHESS celebrates 75 years of synchrotron light

Researchers at CHESS examine proteins that reveal new ways to fight cancer, battery cells that enable a charge far beyond current capabilities and structural materials that enable space travel to improve with lightweight, yet more structurally sound components.

Pump heralds a fossil fuel-free future at child care center

So long, natural gas heat: Let the Earth warm little fingers and toes. Building a new, environmentally friendly heating and cooling system at the Cornell Child Care Center will start in late summer.

WHO collaborating center supports global nutrition research

The World Health Organization has selected the Division of Nutritional Sciences to lead systematic reviews and training supporting the development of WHO guidelines and research networks.

Arts and Sciences faculty honored for teaching, advising excellence

"These faculty members and graduate teaching assistants have made tremendous contributions for the benefit of our students, guiding their educational paths and molding their experiences."

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