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Climate roundtable sparks insight and invites collaboration

Convening of 80 leaders, researchers and staff across six colleges discussed strategies to address climate change mitigation, adaptation and societal transformation, in a Feb. 1 roundtable sponsored by The 2030 Project.

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Physicists detect elusive ‘Bragg glass’ phase with machine learning tool

The discovery settles a long-standing question of whether this almost–but not quite–ordered state of Bragg glass can exist in real materials.

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Surprise physics in insulating material offer path for faster tech

Researchers led by Cornell have discovered an unusual phenomenon in a metal-insulating material, providing valuable insights for the design of materials with new properties by way of faster switching between states of matter.

Vaccine shows promise against CMV, a virus that causes birth defects

An experimental mRNA vaccine against human cytomegalovirus, a common virus that can infect babies during pregnancy, elicited some of the most promising immune responses to date of any vaccine candidate, according to a study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

The Inclusive Excellence Podcast: Destined for Cornell despite a nontraditional path

According to Carl Cornell’s surname, one would think he was destined for the university. However, his path to Cornell has been anything but traditional. In this episode of the Inclusive Excellence Podcast, he joins Erin Sember-Chase to discuss his background and identities and how they have empowered him to ignite change across the university.

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Alum’s Emmy caps his ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ experience

Miloš Balać ’11 was the primary point person on the ground in Wrexham, connecting with the town and the team.

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Juliana Hu Pegues to speak on Indigenous Feminist Activism

In this year’s Invitational Lecture hosted by the Society for the Humanities, Hu Pegues will examine the story of Tillie Paul, a Tlingit woman in Alaska.

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Cornell joins federal AI Safety Institute Consortium

Cornell’s participation in the U.S. Commerce Department initiative will help advance development and deployment of safe and trustworthy artificial intelligence technology.

How did our housing get so expensive? Klarman Fellow dives into the history

Jacob Anbinder is finding political as well as economic reasons for the current housing crisis.

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Students, formerly incarcerated women draft bill for NYS Assembly

Students from the Brooks School’s State Policy Advocacy Clinic have teamed up with lawmakers and a community-based nonprofit representing formerly incarcerated mothers to introduce new legislation that would protect the rights of pre- and postnatal women in prisons and jails across New York.

Sander Kersten named new director of Division of Nutritional Sciences

Kersten, Ph.D. ’97, an experienced molecular nutrition researcher and academic leader, comes to Cornell from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where he was most recently professor and chair of the Division of Human Nutrition and Health.

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Apixaban no better than aspirin for preventing some strokes

A multicenter, phase 3 clinical trial has found that apixaban is no more effective than aspirin at preventing a second stroke in patients diagnosed with a milder, related condition called atrial cardiopathy, according to new research.