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Migrations grants fund worldwide interdisciplinary projects

Funded projects this cycle reflect the Migrations initiative’s interdisciplinary priorities of racism, dispossession and migration in the United States and international, multispecies migration.

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Veterinarian ecologist to bolster pandemic prevention efforts

Scholar who studies cross-species pathogen spillover to join the College of Veterinary Medicine and become a Cornell Atkinson Scholar.   

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New Frontier Grants push boundaries in A&S research

The College of Arts and Sciences awarded $1.25 million in grants to faculty members pursuing critical developments in areas ranging from quantum materials to sustainable technologies.

Same-race friends help teens connect to school

New Cornell psychology research highlights the power of peers to influence adolescents’ sense of belonging in diverse schools.

HBO to shadow Cornell student birders

On May 14, Cornell students will again compete in the annual World Series of Birding – but this year, the world will get to follow along.

Tumor release of lactate forces nearby cells into supportive role

Tumors can force neighboring cells into supporting cancer growth by releasing lactate into their local environment, according to researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine. The findings pave the way for future drug treatments that thwart that defense mechanism to help cancer patients.

Ukrainians to discuss war, economy, rebuilding

On May 13, a panel of Ukrainian experts will converge at Cornell for a hybrid event to discuss the civil and economic upheaval in their country. The event “Ukraine: War, Economy, Path to Rebuilding” features a panel of Ukrainian government officials, academics and business experts with insights into the state of the economy and postwar plans.

Online retail images reveal skin tone discrepancies

A Cornell study found that still images of models in online retail ads had statistically lighter skin tones than those in videos of the same product and model. They also found evidence of “tokenism” – one model who was considerably darker-skinned than the others.

Undergraduate psychology conference to feature diverse research

Thirty-five students will present on topics from implicit bias in person perceptions to early-life adversity in prairie voles and more.

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Future of work examined by ILR-based Digital Economy and Labor club

As an ILR School student, Zuhair Imaduddin ’23 sees the crucial intersection between technology and labor. 

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Students honored for local community impact

Four students have received the 2022 Cornell Campus-Community Leadership Award, an annual honor given by the Division of University Relations to graduating seniors who have shown exceptional town-gown leadership and innovation.

CURB Spring Symposium celebrates undergrad research

The Cornell Undergraduate Research Board student-run Spring Symposium, held May 4, provided a space for undergraduates to present scholarly research in front of an audience.