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Biomed students mark milestone with first-ever lab coat ceremony

Students received their coats during the 21st annual Biomedical and Biological Sciences Symposium, an all-day event that kicks off the academic year for the program.

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Crime prevention unit promotes safety, builds community

The Cornell University Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit provides safety trainings and outreach, actively aiming to build connections between the community and the police.

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Law School portrait honors first Black graduate, Class of 1890

At age 36, George Washington Fields graduated as a member of the first class of Cornell Law School, the school’s first Black graduate and the only formerly enslaved person to graduate from Cornell.

Steven Beer, protector of apples and pears, dies at 81

Steven Vincent Beer, professor emeritus of plant pathology who made pathbreaking discoveries about plant immunity to bacterial disease, died Jan. 12.

From methane to microbes: 2030 Project conveys first grants

Eleven 2030 Project grants were awarded to Cornell faculty for an array of fast-track climate solutions, including tools to help New York communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Kellogg honored for insight into mechanics of biological systems

The 2023 Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award is given each year to a woman who has achieved prominence while in the early stages of a career in biophysical research.

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Student team will seek public’s views on planetary defense

Sarah Kreps, director of the Brooks School Tech Policy Institute, will direct two students as they analyze public opinion concerning planetary defense - how governments react when asteroids or comets are plunging toward earth.

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Collaboration to infuse human behavior into epidemiological models

Six Cornell faculty members from three different colleges will work together to improve epidemiological models of infectious disease, including by better incorporating human behavior into the models, using a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

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Data and Gorges: The Inaugural MSBA class completes first residency in Ithaca

To better equip leaders for a world where data-driven decision making is ubiquitous, Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management welcomed its first class of students working towards an accelerated MSBA degree.

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Two doctoral students receive Ford Fellowships

Cornell doctoral students Dory Peters and Joseph Miranda have been selected to receive 2022 Ford Foundation Fellowships. Honorable mentions were awarded to nine additional Cornell graduate students.

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Eminent physicist Kurt Gottfried dies at 93

Physicist Kurt Gottfried, Cornell professor emeritus, author of a classic text on quantum mechanics and co-founder of the Union of Concerned Scientists, died Aug. 25 at the age of 93.

Protecting privacy – and safety – in encrypted messaging

Cornell Tech researchers have developed a mechanism for preserving anonymity in encrypted messaging – which conceals message content but might not cloak the sender’s identity – while simultaneously blocking unwanted or abusive messages.