From breakthrough to business: two entrepreneurs find their home as Activate Fellows at Cornell's Praxis Center

Two Cornell graduates, CEOs of Praxis clients REEgen and Soctera, benefit from the vibrant innovation ecosystem at Cornell and Activate’s immersive fellowship program for science entrepreneurs.

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Onshore algae farms could feed the world sustainably

Growing algae onshore could close a projected gap in society’s future nutritional demands while also improving environmental sustainability.

Climate change affects size of tree swallows

In an adaptation to climate change, tree swallows have become smaller over the last three decades, an ongoing study based in Tompkins County has found.

Outreach supports Black rural landowners in Northeast

A new outreach publication shares the stories of Black forestland owners in the Northeast to raise awareness of legacies of discrimination and recommend policies for expanding access for minority landowners.

Veggie Van takes on food deserts in Niagara County

Run by Cornell Cooperative Extension, the van brings fresh, local produce to communities with few other options for healthy and affordable food.

NYC entrepreneurship conference features founders, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists

Six speakers will offer a combination of TED-style short talks and fireside chats about their entrepreneurial journeys.

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Stunning wildcat named in honor of Cornell

Alumni, staff and supporters of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology found an undocumented wild jaguar during a recent birdwatching trip to Brazil and gave her a special name. 

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Environmental DNA tech makes reviews faster, cheaper

David Lodge, the Francis J. DiSalvo Director of Cornell Atkinson, urges federal agencies to expand adoption of environmental DNA technologies, which enable faster, cheaper, more accurate environmental reviews.

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Active Learning Initiative, at 10, elevates teaching and belonging

The Active Learning Initiative celebrates 10 years at Cornell and its impact: increased student success, engagement, and a sense of belonging.