Veterinarian ecologist to bolster pandemic prevention efforts

Scholar who studies cross-species pathogen spillover to join the College of Veterinary Medicine and become a Cornell Atkinson Scholar.   

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New Frontier Grants push boundaries in A&S research

The College of Arts and Sciences awarded $1.25 million in grants to faculty members pursuing critical developments in areas ranging from quantum materials to sustainable technologies.

Western municipal water restraints rise as reservoirs fall

As water restrictions tighten in Southern California, the Southwest U.S. sees growing evidence of climate change and drought for millions of western residents, according to a Cornell drought expert.

Book addresses future of local and global agri-food systems

A new open-access book constitutes the most authoritative study on the future of local and global agri-food systems, exploring the challenges of today and envisioning potential food systems scenarios through 2070.

Startups flourish in Cornell’s clean energy ecosystem

Clean energy entrepreneurs and startups find an innovative, powerful ecosystem at Cornell that supports the transition to a sustainable, decarbonized economy.

Light-infused particles go the distance in organic semiconductors

A Cornell-led project found a way to tune the speed and increase the range of energy flow in organic semiconductors, an approach that could eventually lead to more efficient solar cells, sensors and LEDs.

New Regional Bird Guides Simplify Identification

There’s a brand-new series of seven field guides to help people learn about the birds found in their region of the United States and Canada. The All About Birds Regional Field-Guide Series is built upon information from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's All About Birds website, used by more than 20 million people each year.  

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Sustainable Business certificate tackles much more than environmental issues

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is partnering with eCornell to launch an online certificate in sustainable business to help managers think more holistically about the social and environmental impacts of business.

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Privatization, poverty threaten water affordability

An analysis of the 500 largest city water systems in the U.S. found private ownership contributed to significantly higher water bills and lower affordability for low-income households.