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CAU offers online classes with Cornell faculty for adults and youth this summer

Cornell's Adult University invites alumni, their friends and family, and the general public to expand their minds this summer by taking live, online courses for adults and youth taught by Cornell faculty and graduate students. 

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Virtual portal creates access to food security solutions

Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability collaborated with partner organizations to design the Innovative Food System Solution portal, where contributors can describe, connect, and collaborate around innovative solutions for food systems challenges. 

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Grant to accelerate AI materials discovery and design

Cornell is partnering in a $36 million grant from the Toyota Research Institute for its Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery  collaborative university research program, which seeks to use artificial intelligence to discover new materials that could help achieve emissions-free driving.

Cornell joins Global Wind Energy Council

Cornell has become one of the first U.S. universities to partner with the council, communicating the benefits of wind power and providing industry research in more than 80 countries.

Startup’s sustainable tech takes food farther

Farther Farms has created the world’s first commercially available french fries that don’t need freezing or refrigeration, with innovative technology developed at Cornell.

Tanzanian farmers boost diets with sustainable methods

Diversity of children’s diets and food security improved for households after Tanzanian farmers learned about sustainable crop-growing methods, gender equity, nutrition and climate change from peer mentors.

Women Leaders in Sustainability Fellowship launches

The fellowship is one-year program open to Cornell University graduate and undergraduate students designed to accelerate career and executive-leadership advancement in sustainability-related fields.

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Swiping, swabbing elevates processing plant food safety

By swiping surfaces in commercial food processing plants with specially designed swabs, spoilage and foodborne illness could diminish, according to Cornell research.

Cornell Humphrey Fellows help conserve local wetland habitats

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Cornell volunteered for conservation efforts at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in April as part of Earth Day activities.

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