‘Think globally, act locally’ with new bird conservation tool

For the first time, people around the world, including conservationists, can zoom in to within an 8-mile radius to see exactly where each of 586 bird species is increasing or decreasing – providing localized insights needed to restore rapidly declining bird populations and habitats.

Fleming Research Fellows to study antibacterial resistance, mechanisms for DNA repair

Yingzheng (Jason) Wang and Misha Kazi are the 2022 recipients of the Fleming Research Fellowships, which support young researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in basic biomedical sciences and are planning careers in biological or medical research. 

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Students can choose new minor in data science

The minor is distinctive in including courses from many disciplines, from across Cornell’s schools and colleges.

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Limiting antibiotics for cows may create a new dairy market

Consumers would be willing to buy milk from cows only treated with antibiotics when medically necessary – as long as the price isn’t much higher than conventional milk, according to researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Nexus Scholar applications open for summer 2023

The program matches undergraduate students with summer opportunities to work side by side with faculty from across the college.

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New method shows role of elusive RNA in muscle regeneration

A Cornell team has developed a way to spatially map the entire spectrum of RNA in a cell’s transcriptome, revealing the role of previously elusive RNA in skeletal muscle regeneration and viral myocarditis in mice.

Undergrad publishes research on genetic information exchange

The study relates to information stored in DNA and how organisms pass that genetic information to progeny.

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Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship announces certification program

The new certificate will provide veterinary students an opportunity to pursue advanced training in business and management disciplines.

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Same traits, different island: study highlights evolution quirks

Two populations of flycatchers that evolved on different remote islands separately developed the same trait – all-black feathers – according to a new study that used machine learning to understand the process that shaped the birds’ genome.