Undergrad publishes theory on immune dysfunction in space

Rocky An ’23 proposes a theory that could solve the decades-old mystery of why astronauts’ immune systems become suppressed in space.

Klarman fellow tracks impact of social bonds on animal health

“My focus is on how an animal’s mother can impact a wide range of outcomes: in childhood, adulthood, and even between generations,” said Matthew Zipple, a Klarman Fellow in neurobiology and behavior.

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Arts and Sciences welcomes new faculty for 2022-23

Fifteen new faculty are bringing innovative ideas in a wide range of topics to the College of Arts & Sciences’ nexus of discovery and impact, including climate change, astronomy, identity studies and the economy.

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Riney Canine Health Center awards $1.3M for new research

While advancing the understanding of canine diseases, these two-year projects will also explore new avenues for diagnosing chronic pain and develop new models for testing therapies catered to dogs' immune systems.

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Male contraception offers promise in post-Roe v. Wade era

Paula Cohen, professor of genetics, is pioneering an innovative alternative to the birth control pill: a form of male contraception that targets a mechanism in the early stage of sperm cell production. 

Turner Fellows to advance agricultural development research at Cornell

Eight graduate students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) arrived at Cornell in August as the inaugural cohort of Thomas Wyatt Turner Fellows, as participants in a one-year program designed to support next-generation leaders in inclusive and sustainable agricultural development.

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Partnership boosts worldwide bird conservation

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and BirdLife International have joined forces to monitor bird populations around the world using the Lab of Ornithology’s massive eBird citizen science database.

Biomed students mark milestone with first-ever lab coat ceremony

Students received their coats during the 21st annual Biomedical and Biological Sciences Symposium, an all-day event that kicks off the academic year for the program.

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From methane to microbes: 2030 Project conveys first grants

Eleven 2030 Project grants were awarded to Cornell faculty for an array of fast-track climate solutions, including tools to help New York communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.