Fighting for better health care in sub-Saharan Africa

Osei Boateng ’18, MHA ’20, founder of OKB Hope Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming health care delivery in Africa, is the latest guest on the Startup Cornell podcast.

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Native ‘superfruits’ present opportunities for NY growers, consumers

Resilient “superfruits” could benefit New York growers by diversifying their crops with native berries and appeal to consumers by offering nutritious new fruit choices.

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Pesticides detected in beeswax

An analysis of beeswax in managed honeybee hives in New York finds a wide variety of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide residues, exposing current and future generations of bees to long-term toxicity.

Cornell program boosted health workers’ skills, confidence

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty in Cornell’s Public Health Program developed an innovative online training program to help boost skills in the public health workforce. A recent study recently reports that 94% of participants gained skills and knowledge they could apply directly to their work, and 86% developed a better understanding of public health.

Winter Session Spotlight: Dr. Tom Silva on ‘Green World, Blue Planet’

Precollege’s most popular Winter Session course is Green World, Blue Planet (PLBIO 2400), taught by Tom Silva, winner of a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for teaching. This three-credit online class begins Jan. 2.

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Einhorn Center announces new Engaged Faculty Fellows

Twenty-five faculty and academic staff from nine Cornell colleges and units are Engaged Faculty Fellows for the 2023-24 academic year, with projects dedicated to advancing community-engaged learning at Cornell and within their respective fields.

Fleming Research Fellows to study heart disease drivers, how organ shape is determined

Julie Heffler and Avilash Singh Yadav are the recipients of the 2023 Fleming Research Fellowships, which support young researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in basic biomedical sciences and are planning careers in biological or medical research.

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Education key to curbing antimicrobial resistance in cats

Surveys tease apart how cat owners’ and veterinarians’ views may each be contributing to overuse of the only long-acting, injectable antimicrobial for use in cats, called cefovecin.

Local adaptation may buffer some birds against climate change

North American song sparrows may be more resilient to climate change thanks to a remarkable adaptation: a stunning range of body sizes found throughout the bird’s westernmost range.