DOE grant funds study of forests in changing climate

A project headed by Christine L. Goodale, professor of environmental sciences, and funded by the Department of Energy will contribute to understanding of the role the nitrogen cycle plays in estimates of future carbon uptake by the biosphere.

NIH funds cross-campus effort to train experts in AI and nutrition

The $1.7 million grant will help scientists with expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to address complex biomedical challenges in nutrition and health.

Entrepreneurial students pack eHub Collegetown for kickoff event

Cornell was recently ranked by Crunchbase as the No. 5 top school in the country for producing entrepreneurs who have raised capital.

Around Cornell

Arts & Sciences welcomes new faculty for 2023-24

This year, thirty-four new faculty enrich the College of Arts & Sciences with creative ideas in a vast array of topics, including quantum materials, artificial intelligence, moral psychology and misinformation.

Around Cornell

Ag tech can cut billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions

As the world seeks to avoid climate extremes, employing state-of-the art agricultural technology could result in more than 13 billion tons of net negative greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Promising quantum state found during error correction research

Cornell researchers unexpectedly discovered the presence of “quantum spin-glass” while conducting research designed to learn more about quantum algorithms and, relatedly, new strategies for error correction in quantum computing.

New research sheds light on origins of social behaviors

Cornell biologists report that fruit flies’ visual system, not just chemical receptors, is deeply involved in their social behaviors, which sheds light on the possible origin of differences in human social behaviors, such as those seen in people with autism.

New A.D. White Professors named; fall visits announced

A quantum physicist and an environmental economist have been appointed the newest A.D. White Professors-at-Large, and five returning professors will visit campus this fall.

Comparing ‘sister’ compounds may hold key to quantum puzzle

In two new papers, an international collaboration of researchers including Cornell physicists explain, on the microscopic level, why “Planckian” scattering of electrons occurs in some materials but not in others.