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Juno craft provides first 3D view of Jupiter’s deep storms

After gazing at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and its cloudy realm, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has given humanity a 3D, turbulent sense of what lies far below its swirling surface.

Scientists bring efficiency to expanding offshore wind energy

Cornell research shows how to make offshore wind farms more efficient in the face of impending rapid expansion, as the U.S. Department of the Interior plans leasing federal waters.

2021 ADW-PAL Call for Nominations announcement

Cornell faculty members have until Monday, Dec. 6, to submit nominations of distinguished scholars in the areas of humanities and physical sciences for the A.D. White Professors-at-Large Program.

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New A&S program expands undergrad research opportunities

The Nexus Scholars program, funded by nearly $5 million in philanthropic support, will help undergraduates working on research projects with faculty members over the summer.

Machine learning predicts antibiotic resistance spread

Cornell researchers used machine learning to predict with near-perfect accuracy how genes are transferred between bacteria, an approach that could potentially be used to stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Cornell mathematicians featured at International Congress of Mathematicians

Five Cornell mathematicians from the College of Arts and Sciences have been invited to speak at the world-renowned International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) this year.

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Ansys founder Swanson receives engineering alumni award

John A. Swanson ’61, M.Eng. ’63, noted innovator in the application of finite-element methods of engineering, was honored with the 2021 Cornell Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award on Oct. 14.

Hans Bethe Lecture to illuminate black hole paradox

In the Fall 2021 Hans Bethe Lecture, physicist Andrew Strominger will describe the compelling progress made towards understanding black holes as well as future prospects for our understanding of black holes. The lecture will take place Oct. 27.

Gene editing, brand acquisition, neural dust: Kessler Fellows devote summer to startups

While some returning students left behind long days at the beach and summer barbeques, the student entrepreneurs in the 2021 cohort of the Kessler Fellows program returned having completed 10-week internships with startups around the nation.

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