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Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law practice, says, “Over all, the proposed rule sends a chilling message to prospective international students and makes the United States seem more unwelcoming – and this is in line with other things that the administration has done in other areas of immigration.”

“The toughest question is, what can senators ask about? Because the line between legitimate probing of a potential justice’s willingness to adhere to the law, on the one hand, and on the other hand, expressions of religious prejudice – it’s just hard to draw that line,” says Nelson Tebbe, professor of law. 

“Covid isn't just revealing racial inequities. It's reproducing it. It's making it worse,” says Noliwe Rooks, professor of Africana studies and literature.

The article features the work of Samia Henni, assistant professor of architecture, on a documentary presentation about Marseille’s housing crisis for the Manifesta biennial. 

Good Morning America provides exclusive access to Cornell’s extensive testing program, including interviews with Provost Mike Kotlikoff, associate professor of operations research and information engineering Peter Frazier and a few students.

“In Tibet, he was doing a slightly lower level, under the radar, version of what was implemented in Xinjiang,” says Allen Carlson, associate professor of government, about Chen Quanguo, Tibet Communist Party Secretary. 

“Just putting on [formal] clothes doesn’t matter as much if you’re just as confident when you’re wearing casual clothes and you feel like you can work just as well that way,” says Vanessa Bohns, associate professor of organizational behavior at the ILR School. 

“In the past few decades, we’ve seen a shift in the economy toward more service jobs,” says Sharon Sassler, professor of policy analysis and management. “Young people in those service jobs are now at a greater risk of being exposed.” 

“The implications of life orbiting a dead star would be profound; it would show the incredible tenacity of life,” says Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy.

The article features the work of Karl Pillemer, professor of human development, on family estrangement.

Courtney McCluney, assistant professor at the ILR School, discusses her research on Black women entrepreneurs in Detroit. 

“The big issue here in my mind is the fundamental undermining of trust,” says Jeff Niederdeppe, professor of communication.