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Benefactor Charles R. Lee ’61, trustee emeritus, dies at 82

Charles R. Lee was one of the university’s most active and generous ambassadors, and a tireless advocate for deeper connections across Cornell’s campuses and alumni communities.

First record of a gall-forming aphid fighting off predator

A researcher reports evidence of a gall-forming aphid defending itself against predators, a first for the species, Mordwilkoja vagabunda.

Policy, farm management help China mitigate climate change

Production of animal protein in China has increased by 800% over the past 40 years, but new research shows why the amount of climate-warming nitrous oxide released from this animal farming has not risen as quickly.

Wildlife team treats songbird injured in glue trap

Found in a glue trap meant to capture insects, the small bird was taken to Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital after its rescuers attempted to free the creature from the powerful adhesive.

Links between incentives and ethical lapses identified in ILR research

The presence of incentives directly influences the odds that an individual will act unethically, according to research led by Associate Professor Tae Youn Park.

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Student’s illustrations bring wildlife book to life

Veterinary student Laura Donohue is blending her artistic talents and passion for animals in more than 100 illustrations for a new book on wildlife health and disease in conservation.

Summit on democracy features high-level insight, surprising survey results

To address the fragility of American democracy, the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy is bringing together influential political leaders, policymakers and experts for a May 24 summit.

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Choline makes key nutrient available for baby development

The nutrient choline – shown to have long-term benefits for children whose mothers consume it during pregnancy – also helps the body more efficiently use an omega 3 fatty acid that is essential for fetal development.

Women use various tactics to accomplish boardroom goals

Researchers discovered three groups of participation tactics in women directors; warmth-based tactics, competence-based tactics and hybrid tactics.

Applications open for $3M Grow-NY competition

In its four years, the competition has received applications and interest from more than 1,000 businesses in 32 states and 37 countries. In all, 59 finalists have been selected to date, with 21 winners sharing $9 million in startup funding.

Inaugural Cornell RANA Prize winner tackles energy issues in Indonesia

Doctoral student Timothy Ravis earned the first RANA Prize winner at Cornell for research focused on uncovering the social, political, and economic impediments to a green energy transition in Indonesia.

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Humanities students present diverse research projects

From philosophy to music to archaeology to Africana studies, humanities scholars presented their senior projects at the A.D. White House.

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