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Sabrina Karim, assistant professor of government, says, “The police might have been complicit because many sympathize with President Trump’s cause, or because many of the insurrectionists are the same people that support the ‘blue lives matter’ counter-movement. They have been supportive of the police, and thus arresting ‘allies’ may not be in the larger interests of the police.”

Researchers from Cornell and the Flatiron Institute have published a paper that measures the rate of the universe’s expansion using the Atacama Cosmology Telescope to determine the age of the universe.

One of the breakthroughs covered in this piece is a Cornell paper on the superhydrophobic surfaces of moth and butterfly wings by Sunghwan “Sunny” Jung, associate professor of biological and environmental engineering.

“This union will have to rely on moral suasion. It won’t be the same as a normal kind of union that has that power to be the official union of Google,” says Louis Hyman, professor of industrial and labor relations.

“This is unprecedented territory,” says Steve Israel, director of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs. “We’ve never had a former president who is dedicated to the proposition of the failure of his successor.” 

Thomas J. Campanella, associate professor of city planning, writes this opinion piece about the American general who got China to change from driving on the left to the right.

Kaushik Basu, professor of economics, writes this opinion piece about the challenges President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris face when President Donald Trump leaves office. Basu also writes an opinion piece for Livemintabout what Biden’s agenda should focus on.

“What these apps do is force people who live stable lives to confront the instability of working-class lives — very directly and for their own benefit,” says Louis Hyman, professor of industrial and labor relations. “Before these apps, it was easy to pretend that wasn’t really happening.”

“Given the severity of Mrs. Montgomery’s mental illness, the sexual and physical torture she endured throughout her life, and the connection between her trauma and the facts of her crime, we appeal to President Trump to grant her mercy, and commute her sentence to life imprisonment,” says Sandra Babcock, clinical professor of law. 

“Blockchain is a very difficult to implement technology that is absolutely brand new. It’s not widely recognized by many governments as a suitable and trusted solution. That’s not to say that it’s not, but it’s a very nascent technology that has not been recognized universally as the proper means for moving information around,” says JP Pollak, Senior Researcher-in-Residence at Cornell Tech.

Francine Blau, professor in the ILR School, says the categories of front line workers “are nuanced. So we have to consider — is remote education a possibility? What are the downsides to remote education for the students themselves but also for their families?”

“Both an income exclusion and a deduction are provided,” says Richard Reinhold, visiting professor of practice at the Law School. “The result is a likely loss of tax revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars that was never scored or disclosed.”