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This piece notes that the first mention of the term supercloud was found in a 2017 Cornell study which defines a supercloud as “a cloud architecture that enables application migration as a service across different availability zones or cloud providers.”

Tracy Mitrano, visiting professor of information science and public policy, writes this opinion piece about the potential impact of ChatGPT in education.

Robert Gravani, professor emeritus of food science, shares some common food safety mistakes and how to avoid them.

“Like Washington, Beijing seeks greater stability in the near term while investing in efforts to deter and counter perceived threats,” says Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of government and public policy. Tensions aren’t likely to subside, she says, “without reciprocal actions to lower the temperature.” 

“Courts do not view this type of legislation kindly or did not when Trump proposed a similar ban. But that was three years ago and antagonism toward China has only increased in the intervening years,” says Sarah Kreps, professor of government and public policy.

“Once they are in the culture, we tend to honor them,” says Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology, explained in 2013. “You feel like if you are going to ignore it, you are tempting fate.” 

“Assuming the Trumps structured their loans properly, all these sweetheart deals could have been entirely legal. I tell my law students there’s two tax regimes out there—one for the informed and one for the uniformed,” says Jill Miller, adjunct professor of law. “The people that are informed have the ability to make the best decisions for their family.”

Risa Lieberwitz, professor in the ILR School, explains that “there’s a lot at stake” for Apple employees at the unionized store and other stores as negotiations begin. 

Right now, “companies need to borrow money either because they don’t have the money to pay back what they already owe or — maybe heading into 2023 — to pad the balance sheet, to put together a rainy day fund,” says Drew Pascarella, senior lecturer of finance. 

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, discusses China reopening and its impact on China's economy. 

“The USCIS needs more money to help dig itself out of a massive backlog and to modernize its technology,” says Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of law. “But it might not legally be able to force employers to pay for asylum-related costs. Employers might sue to block some of the new fee increases if they don’t seem justified.” 

“So, the fact that the U.S. might do a little worse than earlier anticipated, Europe and Japan might do a little better than earlier anticipated, is enough to drive the value of the dollar down,” says Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy.