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In helium-three, superfluid particles pair ‘like a dance in space’

Enabled by a custom thermometer, Cornell researchers have observed superfluid fluctuation effects, possibly gaining new insight for quantum computing and the physics of the early universe.

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Grant funds Transportation Ph.D. Fellowship in Economics, Engineering, Policy

Cornell has been awarded a grant to fund the Regional Interdisciplinary Transportation Ph.D. Fellowship Program in Economics, Engineering and Policy – a unique program for doctoral students that will integrate engineering and economic research in the field of transportation systems technology.

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Benedek Group designs dynamic materials for tomorrow's tech

Nicole Benedek, associate professor of materials science and engineering, uses theoretical and computational techniques to design functional materials that can improve modern technologies such as computer chips, ultrasound machines and solar panels.

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Master’s degree student persevered from prison to Ivy League

After serving two prison terms totaling more than four years, Thomas Jones, master's student in the ILR School, committed to turning his life around – through education and giving back.

Cornell to lead carbon-cutting effort in aluminum recycling

A new Cornell-led project aims to use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and residue from aluminum recycling – a carbon-heavy process – to produce high value products and address climate change.

Incentive programs doubled cover crop use by farmers

A survey of farmers in four Northeast states, including New York, found that incentive payments encouraged participants to plant twice as many acres of cover crops as they did prior to receiving funds – a change that can both improve their farms and mitigate climate change.

Air Force extends support for AFRL Regional Hub Networks for the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest Regions

The two-year contract extension for the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regional hub networks, based at Cornell University and Purdue University respectively, signals AFRL’s commitment to supporting the Hub Networks and the critical connections they have enabled within less than two years of operating.

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ILR launching Center for Applied Research on Work

The center facilitates new partnerships within the ILR School and across Cornell to improve work, labor and employment. 

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Quantum speed from a sea of excitons

Two-dimensional materials could be key to creating a computer that is ultrafast and consumes less energy.

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Molecular properties are only weakly correlated, study finds

An international team of researchers, including chemist Robert DiStasio of Cornell, has introduced a novel concept, “freedom of design,” that has important implications in the fields of rational molecular design and computational drug discovery.

Equity and prosperity: 5 questions with Real Estate Chair Stuart S. Rosenthal

Stuart S. Rosenthal, inaugural chair of Cornell's multicollege Paul Rubacha Department of Real Estate, shares insights into the dynamic links between economics, real estate markets, and the health of communities.

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ILR’s Golden Courtyard commemorates beloved leader

In honor of a cherished colleague whose extraordinary leadership advanced employment, equity and societal inclusion for people with disabilities, the ILR School will dedicate the Thomas P. Golden Courtyard on Wednesday.

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