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Contemporary and ancient art exhibit enlivens Ithaca mall

A new exhibition displays selections from Cornell’s plaster cast collection of Greco-Roman sculptures alongside – and sometimes within – contemporary artists’ responses to cast culture and classical art.

Five student groups win Cornell Tech Startup Awards

Cornell Tech awarded four student startup companies with pre-seed funding worth up to $100,000 in its ninth annual Startup Awards competition. A fifth company won a new startup award focused on public-interest technology.

Where red and blue meet: cancel culture, fair elections

A new and uniquely constructed survey of American voters finds glimmers of hope that Democrats and Republicans can agree on steps needed to shore up an increasingly shaky democracy.

Target CO2 and non-carbon pollutants to slow climate change

Mitigation strategies must target carbon dioxide alongside other largely neglected climate pollutants in order to stay below catastrophic climate tipping points.

Twenty-five receive awards recognizing inclusive excellence

The Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognized members of the graduate community for their accomplishments, leadership and commitments to advancing efforts around diversity, inclusion, outreach and student engagement.

Around Cornell

Students want some online learning features in ‘new normal’

While they value in-person interactions, undergraduate students want to keep some of the adaptations developed during online teaching, including online assignment submission and digital question answering, survey research finds.

Spongy material captures carbon dioxide in cavities

Researchers developed porous, sponge-like materials that can trap carbon dioxide – a potentially low-cost approach for limiting the environmental damage of coal-fired power plants.

Weill Cornell Medicine Commencement returns to Carnegie Hall

President Martha E. Pollack joined Deans Augustine M.K. Choi and Barbara Hempstead in conferring degrees on students graduating from Weill Cornell Medical College and Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, in the first in-person ceremony since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

‘Boomerang’ effect in droplets could help clean sensitive surfaces

Through their work on the dynamics of liquid mixtures, scientists have developed a new approach to the problem of cleaning sensitive, electronic surfaces.

Partnerships fuel COVID testing lab’s success

Robust collaboration between community partners and Cornell has resulted in more than 2 million COVID-19 tests, saving lives throughout the Finger Lakes region.

UK-based public art project offers any person ‘key to the city’

Starting May 28, Paul Ramírez Jonas’ “Key to the City 2022” will transform a symbolic honor into one enabling thousands to access diverse sites across Birmingham, England.

June launch for NASA-Cornell tool to view dust from space

Scientists soon will see Earth’s atmospheric dust in high-resolution, thanks to new spectrometer expected to launch June 7 aboard a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station.