Earlier wheat planting will boost yields in eastern India

Adjusting the sowing dates for wheat in eastern India will increase untapped potential production by 69%, new research shows, helping to ensure food security and farm profitability as the planet warms.

NY onion growers can keep yields while cutting chemical use

A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s producers to cut their use of synthetic chemicals without sacrificing yield.

High school students and adults can study part-time at Cornell University this fall

Students and lifelong learners are invited to explore a new interest, enhance their resume or strengthen their professional skills through Cornell’s Fall Part-Time Study Program, which runs Aug. 22 – Dec. 17, 2022. Registration for most students begins August 1.

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Gut molecules may affect fattiness of the liver

Sphingolipids – prominent molecules produced by bacteria in the gut microbiome – appear to ameliorate a problematic fatty liver, according to new Cornell nutrition research.

Extreme heat exposure worsens child malnutrition

Extreme heat threatens to reverse progress made in combating early child malnutrition as the planet continues to warm, according to Cornell research focused on five West African nations.

Sustainable practices linked to farm size in organic farming

Larger organic farms operate more like conventional farms and use fewer sustainable practices than smaller organic farms, according to a new study that also provides insight into how to increase adoption of sustainable practices.

Phosphate biosensors could lead to more efficient fertilizer usage

New tools and methods that enable the visualization and quantification of phosphate content in plants at the single-cell level could help agricultural researchers understand how crop plants use this important nutrient.

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Teens explore careers, campus life at annual 4-H conference

More than 180 young people from across New York state and the Philadelphia area got a taste of campus life and future career paths during the annual 4-H Career Explorations Conference, June 28-30.

Biological engineer Dan Aneshansley dies at 79

Dan Aneshansley, Ph.D. ’72, professor emeritus of biological and environmental engineering, whose research impacted the state’s dairy and fruit production, died July 3. He was 79.