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Species discovery sheds light on early photosynthesis

Led by BTI faculty member Fay-Wei Li, researchers have discovered a new species of cyanobacteria, Anthocerotibacter panamensis, which could help illuminate how photosynthesis evolved to create the world as we know it.

Cheap, user-friendly smartphone app predicts vineyard yields

Cornell engineers and plant scientists have teamed up to develop a low-cost system that allows grape growers to predict their yields much earlier in the season and more accurately than costly traditional methods.

Startup’s sustainable tech takes food farther

Farther Farms has created the world’s first commercially available french fries that don’t need freezing or refrigeration, with innovative technology developed at Cornell.

Sarah Evanega wins 2021 Borlaug CAST Communication Award

Cornell Alliance for Science Director Sarah Evanega, Ph.D. ’09, is recognized for her outstanding achievements working for the advancement of science in the public policy arena.

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Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue: Leading the global conversation on population and development

In his native country, Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue founded a long-term research project to boost and leverage Cameroon’s human capital.

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Michael L. Thonney, sheep management expert, dies at 71

Michael L. Thonney, professor in the Department of Animal Science and director of graduate studies in the field of Animal Science, died April 23 in Ithaca. He was 71.

Tanzanian farmers boost diets with sustainable methods

Diversity of children’s diets and food security improved for households after Tanzanian farmers learned about sustainable crop-growing methods, gender equity, nutrition and climate change from peer mentors.

Swiping, swabbing elevates processing plant food safety

By swiping surfaces in commercial food processing plants with specially designed swabs, spoilage and foodborne illness could diminish, according to Cornell research.

Ugandan breeders use genomic selection to boost health and satisfy customers

Ugandan plant breeders with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement are using genomic selection to increase micronutrients and decrease cooking time in common beans.

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