Jared Buono to lead Cornell Hudson Valley Research Laboratory

Jared Buono, executive director for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County, has been named director of the Cornell Hudson Valley Research Laboratory in Highland, New York.

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Cornell to co-lead UN agency’s new agrifood initiative

Ideas that sprang from a pre-pandemic panel discussion at Cornell now inform a United Nations initiative aimed to meet looming global food needs in a healthy, equitable and sustainable way.

New Project Will Reveal True Cost of India’s Food Subsidies

A new project from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) aims to estimate the true cost of the PDS by accounting for hidden costs like the health and environmental impacts of the program.

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Words matter in food freshness, safety messaging

Changing the wording about expiration dates on perishable food items – which is currently unregulated and widely variable – could help reduce food waste, according to a new Cornell-led study.

Library events highlight open access research

Library celebrates Open Access Week with talks, panels

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CCE interns recall summer experiences and community connections

Cornell Cooperative Extension provided 29 students with summer internship opportunities across New York state, ranging from creating a commercial guide for growing pawpaw fruits to helping the impact of the spotted lanternfly in the Hudson Valley.

Honeycrisp genome will help scientists breed better apples

A team of researchers has sequenced the Honeycrisp apple genome, a boon for scientists and breeders working with this popular and economically important cultivar.

Geza Hrazdina, plant pigment pioneer, dies at 83

Geza Hrazdina, who advanced fundamental understanding about the compounds that give plants their color, flavor and protection against disease and pests, died June 2 in Geneva, New York.

Onshore algae farms could feed the world sustainably

Growing algae onshore could close a projected gap in society’s future nutritional demands while also improving environmental sustainability.