Students explore Costa Rica's agriculture and food systems

Global development students got hands-on experience with topics from labor conditions to trade policies and the production of specialty crops such as flowers, pineapples and coffee.

Center for Technology Licensing program continues to fund early-stage Cornell lab innovations

Eight projects have been selected from the Fall 2023 application cycle to receive Ignite Innovation Acceleration grants. The grants are designed to help project teams pursue licensing, form startups, and forge industry collaborations.

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Computer model helps grape growers adapt to shorter winters

A new Cornell-developed computer model that estimates the temperatures that cause freeze damage in a dozen grape cultivars can help growers plan for the season when damage does occur.

Funding connects undergrads to sustainability research

Cornell Atkinson has announced four new projects to be funded through Summer Undergraduate Mentored Research Grants.

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Tryptophan in diet, gut bacteria protect against E. coli infection

The research reveals how dietary tryptophan – an amino acid – can be broken down by gut bacteria into small molecules called metabolites that ultimately keep E. coli from colonizing in the gut.

Higher bacterial counts detected in single-serving milks

After examining pasteurized single-serving milk cartons, Cornell food scientists found bacterial counts two weeks after processing were higher than in larger containers from the same facilities.

Women entrepreneurs grow resources in Bangladesh

Feed the Future Insect-Resistant Eggplant Partnership program helps women in Bangladesh start plant nurseries and gain control over their finances.

Emerging salmonella variety in dairy cows worsens antimicrobial resistance

A study of more than 5,000 salmonella bacteria isolated over 15 years from dairy cattle samples in the Northeast reveals a significant increase in resistance to the antimicrobial medications ampicillin, florfenicol and ceftiofur.

Grad student grants support sustainability, biodiversity

Awarded graduate students will study sustainability, biodiversity, accelerating energy transitions, advancing human health, increasing food security or addressing climate change.