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Grow-NY startups pioneer food and ag innovations

From fully autonomous berry harvesters to plant-based lupini bean protein bars, the startups competing for $3 million in prize money at this year’s Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition are bringing revolutionary innovations to market.

Cooperative Extension in NYC: ‘Uniquely suited to help’

Cornell Cooperative Extension supports residents of every borough in New York City, thanks to its long-standing community relationships and faculty research and expertise.

AgriTech renovation supports learning for NYS ag industries

A $3.5 million renovation of Jordan Hall on the Cornell AgriTech campus will enable more distance-learning opportunities for entrepreneurs and workers in New York state’s food and farm economy.

$25M center will use digital tools to ‘communicate’ with plants

The new Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems, or CROPPS, funded by a five-year, $25 million National Science Foundation grant, aims to grow a new field called digital biology.

Ida’s remnants struck idling front for historic deluge

The remnants from Hurricane Ida deluged the Northeast, prompting rivers to overflow and qualifying as 500-year rain events, according to Cornell’s Northeast Regional Climate Center.

Study: Causes of obesity in India depend on gender, age and where you live

New research from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) sheds light on the patterns of obesity within India, underscoring the need for policies and programs that consider the factors driving obesity rates within different groups and communities.

Around Cornell

Warming Atlantic forces whales into new habitats, danger

Critically endangered North Atlantic right whales – forced from its habitat, facing ship strikes and fishing peril – now confront extinction.

Undergrad’s blogs, tweets stay ahead of storms

For Cornellians who watch storms, or use Twitter and read blogs, follow Jacob Feuerstein ’23. He can talk tempests before they exist.

To sustainably harness cow manure’s usefulness, fire it up

Cow manure – a longtime agricultural waste headache for dairy farmers – soon may ignite a new sustainable fertilizing trend.