Four elected to National Academy of Sciences

An agricultural economist, a theoretical physicist, a plant biologist and a physiologist have each been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the academy announced May 3.

Superheroes and more: Brooks students make a “contribution”

Imagining superheroes and sharing leftovers, building a library and embarking on a new educational adventure - that's how four Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy students plan to use funds they received through the Contribution Project. 

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Western municipal water restraints rise as reservoirs fall

As water restrictions tighten in Southern California, the Southwest U.S. sees growing evidence of climate change and drought for millions of western residents, according to a Cornell drought expert.

Book addresses future of local and global agri-food systems

A new open-access book constitutes the most authoritative study on the future of local and global agri-food systems, exploring the challenges of today and envisioning potential food systems scenarios through 2070.

Rare, endangered insects illegally for sale online

A survey has found that endangered and threatened insects and spiders, as well as common species that provide valuable ecological services, can be easily purchased – without adequate oversight – through basic internet searches, according to a new Cornell study.

Library deal to stimulate open access

Library strikes "read-and-publish" access with Cambridge University Press.

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Cornell Atkinson Awards Bolster Research, Drive New Efforts by Emerging Scholars

Cornell Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellows Catalyze Change to Create Scalable, Long-term Impact

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Pandemic worsened inequality for migrant fishers

The pandemic has exacerbated problems facing international fishing industry workers including a decline in employment due to temporary port closures, wage theft, lack of personal protective equipment and their exclusion from pandemic relief programs.

$1M USDA grant supports digital agriculture integration

A $1 million grant supports a project to integrate and analyze agricultural data from aerial drones, ground robots, satellites and mobile apps, to benefit crop breeders, farmers and consumers.